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Read Before Posting Sub-forum rules and guidelines

Discussion in 'Creative Tips, Critiques, and Advice' started by SaintThunder, December 14, 2013.

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  1. SaintThunder


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    May 2, 2012
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    Hello everyone! This forum section is here for you all to discuss your creative plots and any tips and techniques you find useful when building in creative. Anything not specific to a creative plot or build technique does not belong here and belongs in a different section of the forums. Screenshots are always preferable, but don't make them too big. Your post should provide all necessary details without the screenshots, just in case they need to be removed for being too large.

    Here is the specific rundown on how this forum should be used:

    If you want to get community feedback on your plot before putting it up for review. Do not ask for moderators to tell you if your plot will get promoted or not. They will not do that. Moderators may post as players, but never as a reviewer. You can also ask for critiques on already promoted plots, but you will not be allowed to go back and edit them. The general method of posting for plot critiques should include the following.

    Title: [Critique] Yourname's plot

    Rank #/Plot size
    Plot ID #
    Theme of build
    Specific question
    Screenshots/area details

    In the body, please state the rank number for the plot you are asking for help on or the plot's size if you do not know the rank number, and the plot ID number (gray number when passing over your plot). State the theme of your build or what you are trying to accomplish with your build. If you would like, provide screenshots of your plot or plot area you would like feedback on. Any details/directions/coordinates necessary for players to see what you need help with should also be posted.

    Showing off
    If you are really proud of a certain plot you have made, you can post that in here too. Please provide screenshots and/or your plot rank that the build is on to allow people to view your creation. Do not ask for likes or followers. You will generate likes on the merit of your build, not by asking for them.

    Title: [Showcase] Yourname's Plot name/theme/rank

    Tips and Techniques
    When posting tips and techniques, either post short "did you know" tips in this thread here, or create a new thread for longer and more in-depth explanations. Your tips and tricks should be designed to help someone when building in creative, or building creatively. Keep in mind that it is always helpful to include detailed instructions and screenshots/videos. When explaining how to do something specific, take us step by step. When explaining a build technique, examples are great.

    When offering criticism on a plot, it must be constructive. If you are not going to help someone, do not post.
    Every thread is open for discussion, so anything posted in detriment to discussion will be removed.
    All forum rules still apply.
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