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Shop Auctions

Discussion in 'Kingdoms General' started by HaydoJ, July 22, 2016.

  1. HaydoJ


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    January 24, 2014
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    Hello there,

    Disclaimer: Before I start this forum thread, I do understand there is a lower server population of late but this suggestion is still valid.

    The server malls, all of them, have shops empty or inactive and this leads to the under supply of goods and items. Currently, (as of time of writing), there are 16 empty shops and there is little competition for sales, and minimal activity in the mall.

    My proposal: Two shop auctions within two weeks of each other. The first of these auctions for 10 shops, with players Merchant Tier 1 eligible to bid. These merchants must upgrade to tier two within sufficient time, for example voting limits in class upgrades. The second auction will contain the remaining 6 shops with Merchant tier 1 and above also able to bid.

    I hope that this will be implemented and the malls will be thriving once again. What do you think? Leave a reply below.

    Many Thanks,

    Senior Assistant of Doha
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