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Vegas Baby! (My ImDeity Story)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by donuts12, May 11, 2017.

  1. donuts12


    July 9, 2012
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    Well, here it goes
    My name is donuts12, many of you might have seen me around the server during the past couple months. I must say it feels great to finally be back in the saddle, after a long hiatus, (and I mean looonng), hopefully this time I can stay on imdeity for good.

    I can't exactly remember the first time I logged onto the server, although I know it was because my cousin and his friends had created a town and wanted me to join. The town Vegas became my new home, and I met many new friends, pardon the names, my memory isnt great:
    Robot458 or something like that
    and some guy called orangey something
    Here is where I made my first house, (I remember I wanted a stilt house, idk why thats relevant, just something I remember), this is where I got my first job; working at mas_destruction's shop, and this is where I became senior assistant to Vegas. Here I spent my time learning the ins and outs of the server. I pretty much just spent my time exploring the wilderness for abandoned builds, and building my personal wealth:
    1 stilt house
    1 strip club
    1 wooden highrise. aka DonutsTowers
    33% of a luxury skyscraper
    80 dei, which I got by selling wheat, (again idk why it's relevant, just something I remembered).
    Oh and if BtfOverlord ever gets back on and reads this, breaking the rail was an accident and you still owe me 2x iron tools, armor. and 3 days of jail time back....
    Life was good...
    Until the reset,
    One day I logged on and everything gone, I was able to link up with others and plan a new future. Mas_destruction, camron25 and I were planning on making a new town, a better town; Hollywood, (or Valhalla, there was some arguement in the name). In the end, well lets just say there is no record of such a town on the server. So I carried on, and joined Desperado instead, (apparently Mas_destruction became the mayor or something, I dont know the deal there but...), I toiled instead, trying hard to rebuild, my beloved DonutsTower, I scraped a living carving massive pieces of mountain for a wage, it was not to be....
    And so started the great hiatus,
    Years of being dormant leading up until, you guessed it the great awakening.
    I decided on a whim to log back on, I don't know why it just happened...
    And so I joined my first new town: Troy, (btw Xeaus, this ain't over yet o_O), and then my NEXT town Araluen, where I was so graciously accepted by Bran_bash, and the rebuilding phase began, a new house was built, but then I got bored, until a fellow called Totalmoobs called for help, his town Nemesis needed me, and a new era of my imdeity career began...
    Lets hope for 5 more years...
    On a semi-side note: If anyone has a complete map of the earlier resets with Vegas on it, ill give you 1,000 dei, and a big hug. :p

    *CEO of Donuts Inc., Lord Of Vegas, and lover of Donuts, (or bagels, Add me on steam bagels123)*

    +1 Points for every mistake in spelling and grammar found...
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  2. SharpyArcher


    January 9, 2016
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    Grammar* in points part.
  3. Xeaus


    February 10, 2015
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    I apologize for misinterpreting your character Donuts; you've been a dedicated member of the community as of yet. But look on the bright side, Troy and Nemesis are next to one another so...we're neighbors now! :p Good luck in your future Deity career. I hope to see you around.
    P.s. There is a whole forums page dedicated to the old maps before the reset Here.

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