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Time for some nostalgia!

Discussion in 'Kingdoms General' started by RovincE, June 12, 2014.

  1. RovincE


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    April 27, 2011
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    It has been 3 years since I joined the server. My join date was around 28th of April 11, My first minecraft server ever. It brings me to tears that this server has reached very far from its roots and starting from its classic server. I've made multiple towns in the past, some being one of the biggest (not to brag).

    I know I said that Ill play for the 3rd anniversary but I've been too bust playing other servers and games as well as real life matters.

    My town at 23-25 seconds of the video.

    I still visit the server from time to time but I have a feeling that the server is losing players. To be honest servers like these aren't THAT popular anymore unlike the past years. I've been into many pvp servers as well as my second server that I won't mention that unfortunately died because of owner problems ( would have been my 3 year anniversary as well)

    I would never forget the great memories I have from this server and the friends I have made during my time here :)
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  2. melvin484


    April 24, 2013
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    yay, rovince :D

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