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Tales from Beyond the Scriptures-A Deity Tale

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Xeaus, November 18, 2017.

  1. Xeaus


    February 10, 2015
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    This Section is dedicated to Aly and Savie. Ginger, I swear to god you'll be in part 8. Also, I wrote that poem and this section is too solemn for pictures so no gifs. <3 Enjoy.

    Intermission II.1: Tying Up Loose Ends

    The war has officially begun. Sharpy has become incapacitated as a result of his spell, teleporting the four warriors to the first battle. Sapkins' body hangs limp over her town of Eclipse as they arrive. The rag tag group consisting of Xeaus, the last war's 'savior', Bran, a King and master with the bow, and Enclave, the pirate lord, are the only ones standing in the way of Derordis, the god of war, who has direct orders from the dark King, FauxLord, to wipe the group off the face of the planet. While the first battle of the war commences, Alysandra, taken aback by Ranke's comments, leaves the base at Havana intending to scold him for his misogyny. Unbeknownst to her, she shall soon be in possession of one of the final pieces in the puzzle to take down FauxLord.

    The back exit to the base at Havana was not a watery pit. A pleasant surprise to Alysandra. Exiting the 'hole in the ground' the wind hit her like a smack to the face. Back to the unpleasant. The silence of the woods allowed her to ponder the past, pacing the rainy forest, in no rush to get anywhere. "Eight flipping days walking to this 'base' and I'm expected to sit there and wait for the men to save the day." She coated her sentence in sarcasm. "I don't think so. I would walk for a thousand years to give Xeaus a piece of my mind." The mist from the drizzle stuck to her eyelashes as she walked without purpose to wherever her feet would take her.

    Alysandra remembered the simpler times as she walked, losing her sense of direction in the process. It hurt to think of the time when Ranke had come to her as a humbled war hero, so willing to help build up her freshly acquired town of Arandriel. Together, they brought in help from Xeaus' city of Troy, the most prestigious city of them all at the time. Amazing friendships were forged as a new community consisting of Trojan Arandrialians built up the former slum into a beautiful, bustling city. And it all seemed to be going perfectly. Ranke was graciously installed as Comayor along with Savie to help the progress. Arandriel became the beacon in the dark following the war. But the once golden apple soon rotted away as the illusion of peace soon fell away from Aly's eyes to reveal she had been severely deceived. Behind her back, Xeaus had shown little regard for the zoning laws, laws she did not know of until an inspector from the Kingdom came and noted that the brand new roads in Arandriel did not fit protocol. Ranke's approach to the pardoned war criminals who for a short time had lived in the town, did not go over well with Alysandra as well once Savie had reported the not-s0-friendly relations between Xeaus and the ex-convicts. The two finally convened in her office where Xeaus revealed his true intentions.

    "Alysandra I came to help you, honest. However, I have not been entirely honest with you about why I decided to help."

    "Explain, although I'm not sure it will help your case." She sat down at her desk, files on top of files on top of files stacked in chaos.

    "Aly please let me explain. You see, after the war I couldn't and still can't find peace with myself. I go out some nights to the taverns to fight. It doesn't matter who I'm up against. I just crave it, I crave the feeling of superiority. I came to Arandriel because I had finally taken down my greatest enemy and I sought to rebuild the town I so bitterly hated, this time in my image."

    "So you really did just want control of my town." She held back the emotion in her voice but she mumbled, "I thought I knew you."

    "Aly no." Xeaus voice broke. "In the process of my conquest, I met you and saw the way Troy's people interacted with you and realized I had taken the wrong approach all along. It was a mistake to go behind your back but our visions for this town do not always meet and..."

    Aly strained herself to keep a stoic expression as her emotions built up and got the best of her, as they had gotten the best of Xeaus. "Get out of my office and get the hell out of my city."

    He hung his head in shame. "I understand." He turned to the staircase. "Stiyu**, my friend." That day he exited her life, only to show up years later in the same office, to ask her for help. It sickened her

    "Ughh." She broke from her trance and mumbled, "This has happened far too many times. Let a man in and he'll walk all over you."

    **(Cherokee for "be strong" it is used as a parting phrase as well.)
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  2. Xeaus


    February 10, 2015
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    Continuation of Installment II. Enjoy

    Installment II.2: Tying Up Loose Ends

    "Amen sister, A freaking men." a voice beside her praised. It was Savie, cloaked in green, hood up as to keep the rain out of her face.

    "Savie? How long have you been walking aside me?" She asked surprised at the sudden appearance of a long-gone friend. Savie had left Arandriel along with Xeaus, promising to return to aid Aly when she needed it. Her time to return had come.

    "Long enough." Tall evergreens, once strongly rooted in the ground, creaked in the sinking earth as she spoke.

    "Then you already know I'm fed up with Xeaus."

    "Anyone who says they've never been fed up with Xeaus is lying to themselves. He's an interesting case of a guy doing the right things which turn out to be the wrong things for the wrong reason which turns out to be the right one." In saying this, Savie confused even herself. Walking four days on foot from Troy to Havana was not an easy task and her brain needed a rest it could not have.

    "English please." Aly's exhausted mind could not handle the double negatives either.

    "He cares. That's all I mean, he just tends to screw up royally every time."

    She sighed, hoping Savie had not come here as a pawn to convince her that Xeaus' actions were "just X being X." "Yeah, he screws people over too. You saw what happened between us in Arandriel."

    "Yes, and I went to Troy to become his adviser as to calm his ailing soul, and because someone needed to look after him in case he finally cracked." Savie recalled his drinking habit, the one thing she could never make him break. Her hands still shook as to strangle him, just thinking about it.

    Aly's eyes rolled. "He told me to 'stay and watch the base,' Savie."

    "Oh, not again." Savie threw her arms up in despair.


    "He's pulled these a thousand times on me. He tells you to do one thing and expects his words to be misinterpreted as to lead you on to do something else. It's misdirection and it's mad irritating. I'll be sure to give him a firm speech about that when I see him next."

    "None of that can make me simply forget what happened."

    "Oh no no no. I wasn't defending his actions, just his character. Aly, dear I'm here for you, not to talk about him. Look, you went from a relatively laid back, forgiving person, to a paper filing, grudge holding...stick in the mud."

    "I'm a stick in the mud now?" She pursed her red lips.

    "You want me to be honest with you right? You're not like yourself at all. I need you to just take it easy from now on." Savie gestured to Aly gently.

    "Take it easy? I'm dying with every paper I have to sign. Why did I ever choose to take this position as mayor? It's ruined me."

    Savie's voice grew softer. "No. You turned that place into a paradise, Aly."

    "Not me."

    "It was you Aly. Your leadership keeps that place running. I want you to regain your confidence I know it's in there, I want you to go out there, and I want you to remember that you've done outstanding things to change people's lives for the better."

    Aly simply nodded at the conclusion of their conversation. The two continued to walk in silence thereafter. The canopy of green trees shed their dying leaves as they blew violently in the wind, which continued to pick up as a result of the slow decay of the world. Savie recalled a poem from her childhood.

    -Relieve Me-

    When your world is on fire and you are alone

    Will you go out to face it or cry and stay home

    Is it easier to go to a tree with a rope

    Or live on the prayer of your soul that is hope

    Standing up for yourself isn't easy at all

    When your demons take over and make you feel small

    Fight the incoming storm take a break from your mind

    In the short life we're given we don't have much time

    To be waiting around confused and afraid

    Let your heart be the sky and your tears be the rain

    The mountains stand tall like we all wish we could

    Why can't our lives just end for good

    But the feeling inside that asks us to go

    Forgets that we are strong and we'll overthrow

    All the phantoms in our head who call for our deaths

    Know little of us and will take their last breathes

    When we choose to ignore the status quo

    And throw out our idea of the world we'll overflow

    With emotions we haven't felt in forever

    Our resolve shall thrive free no matter the weather

    I am me, you are you and we'll do this

    Every few moments Savie would peak at Aly's face, which faced the dampened ground, hoping, somehow that Aly's path would lead her to the belief expressed in the poem. Her expression was hard to read. Either she was hiding tears under her red hair, which blew as the leaves did, over her eyes, or she had found purpose and was covering a sly grin. Savie wished to know, but dared not bother the girl further. They walked for what seemed like days, although it couldn't have been more than a few hours, until they came to the edge of a cliff. The jade clad Savie prayed that no jumping would occur. It would break her heart. But she soon noticed that even she, the most observant in the kingdom failed to note one detail, Aly's resolve. It had always been there, buried in the paperwork and theater of the saddened mayor's mind, the will to continue no matter the past or consequence. The hard breeze brushed her ginger hair out of her face for just long enough for Savie to spot Aly's proud smile. Her brown eyes still looked down, off the edge of the cliff. In the valley the ledge overlooked, a misty plain. with an obsidian spire shooting into the sky like a knife stuck into the horizon. Savie grinned to herself at the sight of Aly's smile, she never did doubt her.
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  3. Savie2424


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    October 18, 2013
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    Haha yes!! I love it ❤!!
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