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[Story] A Candle In The Dark

Discussion in 'Art of ImDeity: Kingdoms' started by StRumpterfrabble, January 9, 2018.

  1. StRumpterfrabble


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    August 30, 2014
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    Great Eastern Walls, New Haven

    The Mayor of New Haven, Grampton St Rumpterfrabble, squinted from atop the main gate as he peered through his spectacles towards the smoke rising in the distance. It was silhouetted against the glare of the dawning sun and his warm breath clouded in the chill morning air.

    "That will be the farthest of the homesteads torched, Mods damn them." he snarled faintly, calculating the lost produce in his head, not to mention the cost of rebuilding. He turned his head slightly towards the figure in the doorway of the tower and ventured "Do you think we're too small and too far west to be noticed?".

    A tall, athletic man stepped forth from the doorway with all the bundled grace of a wild animal waiting to pounce. Gruff and prickly, his combat expertise second to none, Trekar Sil, the Town Sheriff, gestured with his thumb back towards the quietly slumbering town and growled "Aye, an' we're still hidden in the darkness".

    Smoke was curling from a scattering of chimneys as the town started to awaken. Its mayor was usually one of the very first to rise and often came to the eastern town wall to watch the sun rise over the plains. Grampton rubbed his hands together to keep them warm and then made a quick head motion towards his nearby entourage. Two staff stepped forward, the one in smart military garb with a smart salute, the other in clerk's robes with a bow.

    "Prepare a missive to our allies in the kingdom and our neighbours warning them of a possible Greefer incursion. Our closest neighbours are Nabradia, Veligrad, Reutov and Lemuria. I also want a list of available town supplies on my desk by noon later today".

    He turned towards the military officer as the council clerk scurried off "Adjutant, I want the Town Guard doubled and the Grey Watch on alert. I want the Armoury checked and our defences reinforced."

    He then turned towards his Town Sheriff "Trek, I want you to take a patrol and see what's actually out there. We'll have to prepare suitable lodging for the raid survivors. Perha-"

    "There will be no survivors" interrupted a clear lilting voice from behind, further along the parapet. A lone woman floated there, seemingly unmoved by the elements, dark hair cascading across her shoulders, her glacier blue eyes focused on a distant point across the plains. She was clothed in simple fawn and cream robes but instantly recognisable.

    Grampton exhaled with mild surprise and moved towards the town Patron, Trekar shadowing two steps behind. "Sephronia! You always appear when we need you, it seems".

    She turned around slowly, gracefully, her piercing gaze calmly moving over the town. "We're always watching..." she said, her head tilted with a slightly sardonic smile. Her gaze flicked once more towards the sunrise and then she disappeared in a shower of sparkles.

    "Mods..." Trekar grinned wolfishly as Grampton slowly shook his head in puzzlement.
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