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Read Before Posting General Forum Rules & Guidelines

Discussion in 'Kingdoms General' started by xSocK, October 1, 2011.

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  1. xSocK


    • Sub-Administrator
    April 6, 2011
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    1. Please make sure you're not posting the same exact thing as someone else. Make sure you read down the page before making a post like " How do I ____? " " Where are quests? " " How do I make money? " Because there are hundreds of threads/posts saying that and you can just comment on those instead of just making a clone.
    Conclusion: Use the search bar!

    2. Do not double post to get your word out. This is not tolerated. And is being seen as getting your postcount up.

    3. Do not spam. This is not tolerated. This includes: No Bumping . Look at every subforum rules and guidelines, to know what the amount of time is you have to wait before bumping a thread.

    4. Do not make use of random bold, italic, underlined or Oversized text, unless it has some meaning. Keep it nice to read, not a pain.

    5. Make intelligent posts. Nothing like [Title " I like pie "] [Post {Smiley face}].

    6. Respect other people's posts. There is no need to show how " smart " you are.

    7. Signatures should be kept as small as possible. The height of a signature should not be bigger than 300 px.

    8. Do not "grave dig" old threads. They went dormant for a reason and aren't in need of being revived.

    9. Following the rule for common sense: You shall not make posts that are considered inappropriate, sexually tainted, or offensive in anyway.

    10. Do not reserve yourself more than 3 posts, when starting a thread!
    Note on rule 10: Existing threads as of 10 february 2013 are excluded from this rule and can keep their current reserved posts.

    11. All subforum rules apply only in their respective subforums.

    Disobeying these rules will result in your post being removed, and tempbans issued, all these rules apply in all the forums!
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