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Read Before Posting Events: Sub-forum Rules & Guidelines

Discussion in 'Events' started by Vershye, November 30, 2012.

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  1. Vershye


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    September 26, 2011
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    General Rules:

    All general forum rules apply here.​
    1. Do not argue, gloat, belittle or put down other players. This section is not here for your ego.
    2. "I agree", "I like it", "That's awesome" and other similar responses are not constructive and don't have a place here.
    3. Any hosted event must have a defined time, date and place. It can't just be 'on this guy's birthday' or 'when this happens.' This forum is to advertise your organized event, if it's just a random gathering or collection of people doing something, the in-game chat should suffice.
    4. All events in towns, or using the name of a town, must be warranted by the town staff, if the mayor is not available, the senior assistants will decide.
    Suggestion Rules:

    1. Any event suggestions that will require a mod that forces players to download anything are not accepted and will be promptly deleted.
    2. Post well thought out suggestions. One or two line suggestions will not be accepted.
    All Suggestion/Idea forum rules also apply here.

    Sign Up Rules:

    1. Use the format provided in the specific event thread you are signing up in. Failure to follow this format could result in you not being chosen for the next event.
    2. Do not bash or comment about other people that sign up for the events.
    * Rules subject to change at any time
Thread Status:
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