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Build Rules, Promotion Restrictions & Information

Discussion in 'Creative General' started by Vershye, July 3, 2015.

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    Creative Build Restrictions

    These build restrictions will result in an instant rejection of your creative plot and/or clear/unclaim of your plot. These are for all rank plots, additional restrictions, if needed, will be added later for specific ranks:
    • 2d pixel art/sprites
    • Player skins/skins in general/most statues
    • Redstone contraptions or if redstone is a primary part of the build. (simple redstone doors, redstone as a decoration(blood), etc are acceptable)
    • Rollercoasters
    • Pyramids (unless part of a larger Egyptian themed build)
    • Rainbows/nyan cat
    • Parkour courses. (If parkour is built into a normal build so it doesn't look like just a parkour course it might be considered.)
    • Generic box houses. Try to put a little creativity into it.
    • Use the whole plot. Unused blank areas will be cause for rejection.
    • Excessive use of Items Frames is not allowed. It causes extreme video lag.
    • No Hate/Phallic symbols/other offensive builds (Bannable) This is a family friendly server.
    • All builds need to be your own. You can not copy others work and claim it as your own. That doesn't show your creativity, just how well you can steal.

    Rank 2+ build information:
    • Builds after Rank 1 will be judged to a higher standard as they go up the Rank scale, so don't be discouraged if yours is rejected. Read the comments in the rejection mail and take appropriate steps to improve.
    • Rank 2+ builds need to be something different than something you built for a previous Rank. A larger version of the same or similar build isn't considered different. (Example: Rank 1 build - Single tower with 2 keeps. Rank 2 build (rejected) - Single tower 3 times the size with 7 keeps. Rank 2 build (accepted) - Full castle incorporating similar towers.)
    • Landscaping - While nice, landscaping should be incorporated into the build rather than being the main focus of the build.
    • Interiors - These are required to be included for all builds after Rank 1. Includes both flooring, furniture and decorations.
    • Use of plot space - Most, if not all, of the available space on the plots need to be used in some way towards the build. (This does not include a third of the plot being punched with bonemeal or filled with water/lava just to put something there).
    Please note that you can still build these. We aren't saying you are not allowed to build them (however, some of them aren't allowed, i.e. Hate/Phallic symbols/other offensive builds), but if you do build them, your plot will basically be ignored.

    ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ = ~

    This was taken from the old 'Great Constructions' thread and still applies to these builds that are to be considered for promotion (requirements further up in the post take precedence to these guidelines):

    What makes a structure "Great"?

    - The structure does not have to be large as long as you make the build appealing and you use your space well it can be considered "great"
    - Functionality is also something to consider with builds, meaning that the build doesn't need to have a back story but if someone was building a house does it make sense that the bathroom is in the kitchen... These are things to consider.
    - Has to consist of several materials: Low labor/cost items are not wanted, such as cobblestone, dirt(absolutely not attractive...), too much wooden planks.
    (Note that the 'What makes a structure "Great"?' section is more or less a set of guidelines. There are exceptions which will be decided by the staff. So do not be afraid to build with all materials, if you think it will enhance your build.)

    These restrictions can and will be updated periodically. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with them.
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