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Read Before Posting Ban Appeals - Rules & Suggestions

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by smcallah, December 11, 2011.

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  1. smcallah


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    April 17, 2011
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    This process is simple, if you think you were unfairly banned, then you can make an appeal in this section. - Please state the reason why you were banned, or the things that you were doing before and up to the time you were banned. If you are unclear of the reason you were banned, you can lookup your ban here: http://imdeity.com/player/yournamehere

    Replace "yournamehere" with your Minecraft in-game name.

    Your ban reason can also be found when you try to connect to the server. If the reason is stated there, put that in your appeal.

    We globally ban for widespread griefing, honeypot griefing, hacks/x-ray, spamming, racism and hate language (including homophobic comments), and nazi symbols/hitler skins.

    (If you unnecessarily comment on a ban appeal that you are not directly involved in, you risk being temporarily banned from the forums and/or the game server.)

    1. Appeals are for temporary bans longer than 14 days, permanent local bans, or global bans only. Temporary bans, bans that are 14 days or less are a punishment same as jail and should be served completely. Sometimes temporary bans will be changed to permanent global or local bans depending on the circumstances. If you post an appeal for a temporary ban shorter than 14 days here, you should expect it to be locked. Only under extreme circumstances can a short temporary ban be overturned.

    2. You must wait at least 24 hours for your appeal to be reviewed and to be commented on by the moderator who banned you, a head mod, sub-admin/admin, or if necessary, anyone with further proof against or for you. We will get to ban appeals as soon as we can after the 24 hour waiting period. You were banned for a reason, so appeals are a low priority.

    3. The title of your ban appeal post must be in this format: "Ban Appeal for [Your In-Game Name Here]". Forum names do not always match in-game names, so you must post your correct in-game name or your appeal will be slowed and/or denied since we would have no idea who you are. Any title to your post other than the above will delay your appeal or have it denied as well. If you need the title changed, it is necessary for you to request it.

    4. Do not bump your post before the 24 hours wait time is up. If you want to add to your appeal or change it, use the Edit link and append the changes to the bottom. Bumping of your post could be unfavorable to your appeal.

    5. Only one ban appeal post should be made by the banned player after the ban. If your ban appeal has been up for more than 24 hours and you feel that it was ignored. Reply to the appeal, do not make another one. If your appeal was denied, you may appeal again after 1 month. Then you may appeal once more after 3 months. You have a 2 week period to post another appeal after the respective 1 month and 3 month waits. If all three appeals are denied, the decision is final.

    6. Appeals should be made within 6 months of the date of the ban you are appealing. Do not wait to make your appeal. It is in your best interest to appeal immediately. We do not need extra time to change our minds or forgive you.

    Why do we have a time limit?
    We do not keep most logged evidence from bans for longer than 2 months and we don't tend to remember exactly why people were banned. If we have no evidence of why you were banned, it may affect our decision depending on your ban reason. Evidence is what we use to decide to ban and decide to unban. The farther you get from 6 months to make an appeal, the chance of you being unbanned declines.

    7. Be polite and respectful in your ban appeal. If you are going to disrespect the person that banned you, the server, or anyone else, then your appeal will be immediately denied. Permanent bans will remain permanent and temporary bans could be lengthened or changed to permanent.

    8. Do not make a mockery of your ban appeal by starting a poll in your ban appeal. If you do, your appeal will likely be denied. Your ban appeal is not a place for other players to vote on if you should be unbanned or not, whether your ban is fair, or whether or not the staff member was wrong to ban you.

    9. Only one permanent ban appeal will be granted. If you are banned again, it will be truly permanent.

    10. Once an appeal has been granted, be patient, you will be unbanned in the game as soon as possible, if not right away. Do not make a new post here about your unban or bump your ban appeal post either, or your unbanning may be denied after all.

    To players posting a ban appeal:

    1. Be patient after making your appeal. If we go over the 24 hour minimum time for reviewing your appeal, it doesn't mean we're not checking it. Patience is a favorable trait towards a possible approved appeal.

    2. Be honest and thorough in your appeal. While we do know why you were banned, we want to know that you're clear on the rules, tell the truth, and show remorse. "I don't know what I did" is not a valid or truthful appeal. You wouldn't be banned if you didn't do anything and we didn't already know what it was.

    3. Honesty and thoroughness in your first appeal are very important if you intend to reappeal after 1 month if you were denied the first time. Your second appeal should be just as thorough and honest.

    4. Make your appeal with care, use proper spelling and proper grammar, it will reflect well on you.

    To players that choose to reply to ban appeals:

    1. Do not post in ban appeals that you have no direct involvement in. If you are not the victim, the banned player, or someone with hard evidence, then you are not involved. The staff should be the only ones commenting on a player's ban appeal unless the victim is replying or evidence is being provided.

    2. Keep it civil and do not get into arguments with the person who was banned about their ban appeal. Unnecessarily rude comments will be warned and deleted.

    3. Ban appeals are decided by admins and moderators, no need to add your judgement or comments to the appeal.

    4. Screenshots of chat or LB tool proof is acceptable if you think someone should not be unbanned.

    5. If you are not the banned player or a staff member, you are not entitled to any discussions had about the ban, evidence provided for a ban, or to have any conversations with staff about the ban. It is a matter between the banned player and the staff only.

    And remember:

    The staff are only humans and can make mistakes. If you truly shouldn't have been banned, then it will be made right.
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