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asdfjkll's Player Head Auction

Discussion in 'Trade' started by asdfjkll, June 7, 2016.

  1. asdfjkll


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    January 5, 2013
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    Limited time offer! Now is a chance to be among the few players on ImDeity Kingdoms to own the head of the Department of Main Roads and highways guru, mayor of Bluewater, Niceville, and Avalon, Senior Assistant in Doha and Oslo, and Superintendent of the ImDeity Kingdoms School District, asdfjkll!
    Auction Starts, June 7th at 11pm CST
    Auction Ends, June 15th at 9pm CST
    Place your bid --> here!
    See previous bids here

    Placing a bid is simple! Just put your in-game name and bid amount.
    Bidding Rules:
    Minimum bid is 2500 dei
    The bid increments by amounts of 100 dei
    Minimum increment is 100 dei from the highest bid

    Good luck!
    Many thanks,

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