Overview for Website Features

Besides the function as the Forum, the website offers different features that are useful for you.

Requires Portal Account - You will need to be registered


1 Portal

The Portal Page is one of the most important pages to register and have all features of classes, towns and auctions.

2 Chat

The Chat function allows you to chat in-game directly from the website. Just type in your message and hit Enter. Server chat rules still apply.

3 Map

The Map gives you an overview of the main world, the logged on players and their position.

4 Forum

The ImDeity Forum offers different categories to communicate about all in-game concerns.

5 Help

The Help leads you directly to this guide.

6 Premium

Keeping this server running has costs and you can donate to help keep it running. All information about donating is found under Premium.

7 Your Stats

If you click your name on the main page you get to your stats regarding online time, ImDeity War stats and quests.

8 Voting

Voting for the server does not simply support the server but also gives you 200 Dei (in-game money) as a reward.

9 Your Profile

Forum Overview

If you click your name in the forum, you get to your profile page. You are able to update your status there and also see notifications, write conversations and change your forum settings.

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