Unplaceable Blocks & Unusable Items

On this page you can see which blocks and items cannot be placed or used on ImDeity Kingdoms' Main Server.

Unplaceable Blocks

  1. Sticky Pistons
    Reserved for a higher-ranked Craftsman.
  2. Dispenser
    This is disabled due to the griefing and player harming which can be done with this block.
  3. Golden Block
    Due to our vault system it is not possible to obtain or craft golden blocks - see "Unobtainable Items" below.
  4. TNT and TNT Minecarts
    TNT could be usd to grief or damage players.
  5. Ender Chest
    Ender chests cannot be placed in the main and PvP server. In the main server it undermines the /chest perk donators have. In the PvP world it goes against the entire point of raiding.
  6. Nether Portal
    There is no Nether world. Items and blocks only obtainable in the Nether can be crafted with our set of  Custom Recipes.

Unusable Items

  1. Flint & Steel (Fire)
    Disabled because fire could be used to grief or damage players.
  2. Lava Bucket
    Disabled because lava could be used to grief or damage players.
  3. Ender pearls
    The teleportation function of Ender Pearls was disabled since players could use it to enter restricted access areas.

Unobtainable Items

  1. Gold Ingots & Nuggets
    Mined gold is automatically sent to your digital vault. Your stored gold can be exchanged for Dei through your Portal Page, but you cannot collect it in item form. Gold based items can be crafted using  Custom Recipes.
  2. Spider eyes
    Spider eyes cannot be picked up or used to create potions, in the Main Server.

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