Town Matters

Everything that happens in a town caused by a resident belongs under the rule of "town matter". So tickets that are regarded as a town matter will not be dealt with by server staff (moderators/admins), but belongs in the hand of town staff (mayor/assistant).

It is up to the town staff to punish violations made by a resident in a town. There is usually no rollback for that and no banning. But the town itself decides how to punish. That can start with a warning over telling them to leave in a day or go as far as a kick from town without giving the residents their stuff back.

If you plan to kick a resident without returning their items YOU MUST provide evidence of the rule breaking (screenshots), and the rule broken would have to be severe enough to warrant that action. It would not be acceptable to create a rule that the user cannot correct, or even possibly adhere to. It is far easier and safer to just give the ex-resident their items.

Rules made by the town cannot override server rules.

Rules covering Inactive Residents.

Same goes with building on plots that are not the resident's, also known as wild building, and can be regarded as griefing. If a resident does violate the town rules like building anywhere in town without allowance, the materials that have been used for that go into town property. It is the town's good will to return them to the builder or give them the opportunity to take the build down.

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