How to make an effective Ticket

The ticket system on ImDeity is a very useful tool for helping out members who have been a victim of a griefer, thief, or various other rule-breakers. Here is the guide to making an effective ticket:

Where and When to make a ticket

You should make a ticket as soon as you notice the grief. Don't start complaining on the help channel or global that someone stole your things - most of the responses will simply be "make a ticket". There may not be any Moderators on when you make your ticket but be patient. The tickets are numbered, so they will be doing them in the order that they are made.

Tickets should be made at the site of the disaster, not in a random place when you finally figured out that you need to make a ticket to get attention. The ticket system allows the Moderators to teleport right to the place you made it, so make it close to where the problem is. Don't make one high above the ground to kill the hard-worker, don't place it right in the middle of the griefing, they probably will want it NEXT to the griefing so they are not overcome by the damage.

What to include in your ticket

Unfortunately, a few tickets only have a few very non-helpful words or phrases. Like just the word "grief" or "robbed in the last 24 hours". This doesn't tell the staff what your problem is, it may make them not want to waste their time even more, or it may make it impossible to help you. When making a ticket - be descriptive! Include what is missing, such as your 50 diamond blocks you placed in a chest in the wild, or maybe your sweet glowstone lamps in your town have been smashed to bits..

Another thing you may want to include is the people who should not be punished, just in case you are not online for the staff member to ask you about it. If you can't fit it into the ticket description, leave a sign or two naming the players. If you are making one ticket for a large grief, which you should, make sure to "hint" that there may be more griefing in the area.

You also do not have to make several tickets just because your description doesn't fit onto the line of text you are allowed. There is a command, "/ticket comment [ticket number] [message]", that lets you add onto your ticket. Don't open a million tickets for one grief, this only annoys the staff because they have to close all the "spam" tickets you made.


One of the things that the Noble class can do is check things with "/lb tool", which can possibly help you and the staff with making a ticket and solving a crime. If you're able to get a Lord+ to check where you have been griefed, you can add the person's name to the ticket. But a Noble must place a block in order to check where a block is missing, which MUST be removed for a Rollback to be completely effective.
DO NOT place a block in the spot of a broken chest! The chest contents will not be able to be returned with a rollback if you do.

Also, try not to make a ticket when you just need help with something. It's understandable to bring attention when a command breaks, so that the staff can fix it as fast as possible.

In closing, if there's a problem that needs help, /ticket it.

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