The Thieves Guild

You may not know this about The_Yogs, but he was once apart of the ImDeity Thieves Guild. This Guild is unlike any others within the ImDeity Kingdom, as they are acknowledged by the King, ImDeity, but they are considered a criminal group, searched out to be arrested for their acts. The Guild was created as groups and groups of lone thieves came to meet each other in the ImDeity Kingdom, competing to steal the most valuable objects. The Guild was created to train others, to support the "Family", and have control over what happens in the community; by taking what they wanted, and by any means they deemed necessary.

As a young boy, Yogs was an odd fellow, unlike his friends he was a bit mischievous. He seemed to have "acquired" items of others, and he learned to master the art of Thievery; learning everything from studying how to pick locks, to pickpocketing items from men. His skill started to become known with the underground community, and Yogs took jobs to steal, took commissions to snatch items, gathered intel, or located lost possessions. He made a life for himself, he had a nice place to live, and a good flow of Dei.

One moonlit night, Yogs had acquired a note that said, "If you want to join us, meet me at the "The Lonely Dragon"- From A Friend." The note had a symbol, a black circle within a diamond. The Lonely Dragon was a local tavern in the kingdom. "Time to meet this man" Yogs said. He soon found the man spotting him, he was told of his involvement as a Thieves Guild Recruiter, and Yogs was a chosen candidate to become a member. There was a catch,though, Yogs had to snatch a jewel from a Royal Subject, Vershye. Vershye was a known Paladin to the Kingdom, a man who devoted his life to the Brotherhood as a protector to defeat evil and darkness with his sword of light. Yogs thought it was an insane idea to take a jewel from a Royal Subject, but he wasn't going to back down from the challenge. Later that night, Yogs snuck into the mansion Vershye resided in, moving through the shadows with agility and precision, avoiding detection from any of the guards. "Getting in is easy, getting out is another issue," Yogs thought as he walked through the door. Hiding within the shadows, casted by the torches, Yogs moved towards Vershye's study. As Yogs opened the door to the study, he heard a sound, snoring. Vershye was fast asleep at the desk, a glass case was perched on it enclosing a emerald ring. Yogs moved toward the case, silently across the carpet; as he was looming over the desk, Vershye stirred in his sleep. A startled Yogs crouched in front of the desk. When it seemed safe, he stood, opened the case, and swiped the ring. As he snuck away, there was a stir; he turned, a dagger sweeping across the air was the last thing he saw, before his left eye lost vision. "Gah!" Yogs screamed from the sudden pain of the dagger. "I'LL KILL YOU!" Vershye screamed with a bloodcurdling voice, as he ripped the dagger down towards Yogs. . Yogs rolled away just in time, as the dagger stabbed into the floorboard, jammed. Yogs saw this as his opening and swept his leg behind Vershye, knocking him to the floor, stunned. He then bolted towards the door. "Find him, and kill him on sight!" Vershye screamed.

Yogs ran down the darkly lit hallway to the courtyard, he paused at each corner to see if a guard was there. As he had ran through the opening to the courtyard, he heard a voice "There he is, get him!" Yogs looked back, saw a group of men armored from foot to head and armed with swords sprinting towards him. "Just not my day..." Yogs said as he ran towards the gate, but he came to the sudden realization that it was locked. "Nope, just not my day." Yogs turned to his left, having to find another way to escape. The wall across the courtyard seemed weak. That was his only way of escape, he would have to trust that the wall would blow to one of his bombs, or the guards would take him. Yogs took out a round ball, the size of an apple, one of the explosives that Yogs had taken time to make, a mixture of black gunpowder and salt. Yogs had been unable to test the bomb, so it was unknown how the bomb would react. When Yogs had reached the corner, he had stopped and faced the surrounding men. "We have you now, there is no escape for you!" one of the men had said. "Be careful of what you believe, as you may be deceived, see the truth." Yogs replied with a smirk. "Enough nonsense, time to die!" said the man, his voice rattled the moonlit night. "Not so fast," Yogs replied, and he whipped around throwing the bomb upon the corner of the wall, the bomb sparked upon hitting the wall, and "Boom!" and explosion of rock, dirt, and dust swept into the air, clouding the courtyard. "Where is he?" the men coughed, the cloud settled, and the very spot that Yogs had been standing on was empty, it revealed the collapsed wall.

Yogs darted through the moon lit air, relieved that he had escaped. He soon met again with the recruiter, who congratulated him on his capture and told him to keep the ring, as it was his reward. He welcomed Yogs to the "Family" and brought him to the Guild, where Yogs learned of a world that changed his life forever. Even if the Yogs is different today, it is rumored that he still has connections to the Guild that he once lived and worked with..

(Story by OwORawrOwO, 2nd place in "The WikiTales Contest" 2013)

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