ImDeity Tales

The ImDeity Kingdoms are not just a place for builders; lores and stories surround the feudal and magical place. We want to give those legends a home here. Feel free to read and learn about the Kingdoms and their mystical, magical, mysterious, mythical inhabitants, places and stories under the links below.

If you think you have a story that should find its way into this section, send it to Gwenhywar via a convo or start it by clicking here. We will randomly add stories and give out rewards for good stories.

ImDeity Tales About People

Who does not know them: The people of the ImDeity Kingdoms?! What made Pennybags becoming the gold trader of the Kingdoms? What do the residents of the Kingdoms dream at night? What can happen to a moderator on a mining trip? All true or just nice tales? You will never know if you do not start reading...

ImDeity Tales About Places

What happens if you join the Kingdoms a new? Is there really a secret spawn? Tales about the well known locations in the ImDeity Kingdoms and about some secret spots, you might never have seen before. Go ahead and read about hideouts and prominent locations all around!

ImDeity Tales About Occurences

How did the Kingdoms originate? How did the Immortal Deity come to the idea of Mob Events? Why was there a "whole new world" at some point? Possible answers and entertaining reasons are given here: The ImDeity Tales about special occurrences in the Kingdoms.

ImDeity Tales NSFW - The Goofy Tales

There are things going on in the Kingdoms that are not for everyone's eyes/ears. Some explicit things that we want to share, but that is more goofy than others. You find them here: The ImDeity Goofy Tales about stuff that may or may not have happened in the Kingdoms.

ImDeity Tales Halloween in the Kingdoms

Halloween is a special time of the year. Even the already special ImDeity Kingdoms get much more special then. Read about it in the Tales about Halloween in the Kingdoms. But be careful! This is nothing for fraidy-cats!

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