Staying Alive

He heard his feet splashing against the side of the sewer.
He hated it there. It was his least favourite place to be.
But he had to run. It was the only thing he could do.
The zombies had attacked.

They had taken over the town, his house. All he had was a piece of string and a few melons. Well, he had left his diamond sword at home. After all, it was just meant to be a peaceful trip to the farm.

He found the escape route back to the castle, only to find it invaded too. The zombies had planned this, but how? They didn't have any brains, literally!

He ran to the bell, which had now fallen down and smashed. The zombies had already run up the stairs in pursuit. He realized, he was trapped. There was only one way out. He had to jump.

For a moment, time stopped. Everything was frozen. The traders swapping items for dei, the new miners spawning for the first time, everything was as still as a statue. He knew that this was the end. Even the Immortal Deity could not fix this madness. Or could he?

He woke. "I'm alive", he thought. He rolled over to feel his nose squashed on glass? A magic carpet? This must be some higher power. He looked up to see ImDeity looking at him. They were encased in a sort of bubble. Everyone disappeared, then reappeared, however looking dazed and confused. This must be what it is like, being a god. The zombies had disappeared, and everything was rewinding. The bell reformed itself off the floor. The notice boards picked themselves off the floor.

The Deity looked down upon him and smiled. "Now for you!" he whispered.

He woke up. "Wow, that was a horrible dream, wait, I'm out of Melons. I guess it's time to head down to the farms. Won't need my sword."

(Story by GoldenCreeper98, 3rd place in April's "ImDeity's Scribbling Wars" 2012)

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