The start in the Kingdom


Dark. Everything is dark around you. You can not see anything, you just walk in a random direction not knowing where to go to. Even wondering where you came from, where you are walking right now and where you are headed. Just thinking to go on, walk on, because you can not do anything else.

Then, out of the sudden, you see a light beam, like a spotlight. And as you are standing there alone in the darkness, you have the feeling the light was calling to you. There starts to grow a feeling inside you. The sudden urge to go and research it. So you step forward into the light beam and you hear whispers saying something which you can not clearly understand.
"Im..ImDei...ImDeity?" you ask, but then a sudden flashlight knocks you unconscious.

Starter's Maze

You wake up, still a bit dazed, wondering how long you were unconscious. Looking around you see you landed in some kind of dungeon, it is dark and creepy and not very well lighted. But although it is very bad lit you notice a certain path and follow the road. Untill you see some signs on which questions are displayed. You answer them with your common sense and walk on. This action repeats itself a few times, until you see a guard. It looks like he is day-dreaming, so you walk towards him.
"Hello?" you say, poking the guard. Then he flashes his eyes to you, and you withdraw with shock.
"Follow me", he says with a dark voice, and you, still a little bit scared, follow the guard.


You do not recall the route from the dungeon, which appears to be a maze as you have been told by the guard. Then he suddenly halts and you collide into his strong body, he turns around and glares at you.
"I have to go back now, enjoy your stay in ImDeity", then he turns around and leaves.
ImDeity, that word again! What could it be? You make it your task to find out what it means, and wander through the huge castle the guard dropped you. Someone behind you is in a hurry and pushes you aside, causing you to fall. He looks back with a sorry gaze and offers his hand to make you stand up again.
"I am so sorry! I did not mean to push you out of the way, but I am in such a great hurry! I have to look if the criminal I catched has been punished. This is why I was on my way to the jails. Such scum should be beheaded, I have no words left for them."
"Oh, I see.. but can I ask you a question, Sir?"
"Yes of course, I am still ashamed I pushed you out of the way..."
"What does the word ImDeity mean?"
"Ah! You are new I see! Okay let me explain very quickly, for I am still in a hurry. ImDeity is the great ruler of the Kingdoms we are in now. He found the Kingdoms and so he is the High King. People who were blessed by nobility, gained from ImDeity, can find towns and prevent the crime in our ImDeity Kingdoms! But I really have to go now, I hope I answered the question adequately."
"Sure you did, Sir. Thank you for your precious time."
With that he left and run away, while you are statisfied with the answers you got already. You resume your quest to new things and walk outside the castle.


You hear people shouting and cursing at each other from a distance, wondering what is going one you walk towards the commotion. When you arrive you see people gathering around stands where merchants are selling precious items.
"I am telling you! 64 wool for only 130 dei is very cheap!"
"No, you goofball, I bought them for 100 dei only yesterday!"
"What about 125 dei? No? 120 dei? Still a no? *sighs* 115 dei is my last deal."
You watch this scene in awe, and a young merchant notices you standing in the distance. He makes his way towards you in the very big crowd, takes your sleeve and drags you away.
"Haha, I had to drag you away from there, we can not talk normally for the crowd is way to loud."
"Yeah I noticed that!"
"So I saw you standing there a bit surprised, I guess you are new?"
"Yes I am, Sir."
"Haha, you do not have to be so formal, I am just a normal guy merchanting items."
"Oh okay! Then can you tell me more about dei and merchanting?"
"Well I am a merchant, which means I can buy items for lower prices and sell them for higher ones. Dei is the currency in our precious ImDeity Kingdom in which we pay."
"Oh, that sounds great! Maybe I will become one later!"
From the distance you hear someone shouting at the guy standing in front of you, he himself turns around and shouts something back.
"Haha, it would be awesome to see you later as a merchant. We need some nowadays! But I have to go back, some great new deal is on the roll. Sorry, mate, talk to you later!"
With a smile on his face he leaves and makes his way through the crowd again to stand in the front part, shouting all the way. You were left standing all alone again, and turn around away from the crowd and the merchants.


*Tik tik tik tik*, what is that sound? You look around and you see some guy working on a fountain. You also see the source of the sound, the guy is hammering! Exited you walk towards the guy.
"Good day, sir!"
Wow that guy is very grumpy. But then again he is very focused on his work. Looking up at you he says: "What do you want, lad?"
"I was just wondering what you were doing, Sir."
He looks at you suspiciously, but then his gaze softens.
"I am working on a fountain as you can clearly see."
"So you are a builder then, Sir?"
"You are quite a new kid, huh? Yes I am a builder, well, I prefer to consider myself a craftsman. We work in the Kingdoms for free or for money, but we have our own advantages."
"What advantages you have, Sir?"
"We are the only ones allowed in the Kingdoms to place water and build lifts. We can not let everyone do that, it requires craftsmanship after all!"
"But do you only build it here, or somewhere else as well, Sir?"
"No, no! We build in our own towns, or others, if we arfe asked for, as well!"
Then his gaze turns hard and he focuses on his work again.
"But leave me in peace now, I need to focus my craftsmanship on this fountain now!"
With that the conversation with the grumpy craftsman is over and you walk away. Not daring to be in his way again.


Standing there, while you gained a lot of information, you think about everything that happened that day. You still do not know what to do, but you have more knowledge now! Turning around you leave the giant castle and all the commotions around it. Walking in the wilderness, hoping to find a nice town to live in, eventually.

(Story by Arwenden, 3rd place in "Imdeity's Scribbling Wars" 2012)

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