ImDeity's long-lost siblings

Characters you might not know (yet):
1. ImSupreme(M) - Greaser/Player (imagine ImDeity's character with styled hair instead of a hood)
2. ImDivinity(F) - Shallow, materialistic woman (imagine ImDeity's character pink instead of red)
3. ImProdigy(M) - Awkward genius (imagine ImDeity's character with huge Harry Potter glasses)

Disclaimer: ImDeity's "siblings" are purely fictional and are not intentionally copied. I do not mean to offend anyone with the stereotypes. If I did, I would like to apologize in advance.

It was another lazy day in the kingdoms. The sun just began stretching over the lands of the kingdoms. A small boat, carrying three figures, arrives at the docks. ImDeity, ruler of the lands, waits patiently as the boat docks. Three figures walk sluggishly out of the boat.
ImDeity grins and spreads his arms open.
"Well, if it isn't my brothers and sister! Supreme, Prodigy, Divinity, how was the trip? I trust you had a smooth sail?" Supreme laughed sarcastically,
"Well, if you mean smooth as in having to watch Prodigy puke over the side of the boat several times and listen to Divinity whine and complain, then yeah it was smooth."

Divinity stomped over to ImDeity. "There had better be a hairdresser around here, Deity, or else I'm going to whine the whole day."
"Err, yes, yes. Hairdresser, sure. Anything for you, dear sister." ImDeity said, slightly shaken. He turned to Prodigy and shook his hand. "Prodigy, my youngest brother, how was the trip?" Prodigy adjusted his glasses.
"Well, the boat's average speed was somewhat slow. I expected something more technologically advanced from you, Deity," he said, spitting saliva onto ImDeity's face every time he said the letter "s".
"Yeah, that's nice," ImDeity muttered as he wiped Prodigy's spit off his face. "Anyway, what are we waiting for? Let me show you around the spawn area and my castle."

ImDeity led the way while his siblings followed. Supreme was busy applying a hand full of hair gel onto his hair, Divinity was checking herself in a hand mirror, and Prodigy looked around, awkwardly rubbing the back of hands as he walked. ImDeity turned around and started walking backwards with hands outstretched.
"Well, this here's the spawn where new people arrive when they come to my lands."

Supreme chuckled and shook his head.
"Really, Deity? Not the most panoramic spawn I've seen. For instance, why do you have two old dudes standing there?" He said as he pointed to Notch and Jeb.
"Umm, Supreme, you do know that's Notch and Jeb, the powerful creators of all that is blocky, right?" Supreme rolled his eyes.
"Yeah, sure it is." ImDeity looked down and tapped his index fingers together.
"Okay, okay, they're just NPCs. Still, old dudes? Show some respect."

"Deity", Divinity whined. "There's a bunch of creepy guys staring at me and where is the hairdresser? You said there'd be one."
"Moonlamb! Totalmoobs! Tallpines! Don't you three have some work to attend to? You better not put me in a bad mood! OR ELSE!" Imdeity shouted from across the spawn area. The three of them snapped out of their love-daze for Divinity and started running about, bumping into each other and tripping as they went.

"Deity", Divinity whined again. "Where's the hairdresser? You promised!"
"Yes, yes, the hairdresser." Deity looked to his brother Prodigy who was scribbling on a sign. "Hey! Prodigy! What do you think you're doing?!"
"I'm writing down a note to your craftsmen. The upper part of this sign is longer than the lower part of the sign by, according to my calculations, 1.3x10^-9 picometers." Imdeity placed his hands on his head.
"I understand your concern, dear brother, but why did you have to scribble on the sign? You could have just told me!"

Prodigy sniffed before he spoke, "Well, your 'craftsmen' are going to take down the sign, anyway. Really now! I've seen better craftsmanship from a slime."
"But slimes don't have hands!" ImDeity said, looking a little confused.
"My point exactly." Prodigy said as he continued his scribbling on other signs.
"What?! Now, look here!" ImDeity said full of rage as he stomped over to Prodigy.

Meanwhile, Supreme was busy combing his hair when he spotted a beautiful female Deitian out of the corner of his eye. He slipped his comb into his pocket and walked over to the dame.
"Hey, babe. You know, I never say this to any girl but what's a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?" He said as he grinned, showing of his pearly-whites.
"Eww. What do you want?" the dame said feeling downright disgusted.
"Just came to know the beautiful name of a beautiful maiden. That's you by the way. Can I hear it?"

"Arwenden!" the dame said quietly.
"Well Arwenden, did I ever tell you about the time I took down a dozen ender dragons with my bare hands?" he said as he rolled up his sleeves, showing off his perfectly tanned, perfectly toned, not too muscular and at the same time, not too skinny arms.
"No. We just met." Arwenden said, desperately looking for a way out.
"Well, why don't you rest your head on my shoulders and I'll tell you all about it?" Supreme said as he patted his right shoulder.

Divinity, on the other hand, had just finished eating a chocolate bar and was wiping her mouth with a tissue. She threw the tissue over her shoulder without giving a thought. Half of the male Deitians, who were watching Divinity, rushed forward and started fighting over Divinity's used tissue. Divinity, who was most likely unaware of the fight going on right behind her, took out her hand mirror to check for bits of food in her teeth. In the reflection of the mirror she spotted xSock, who was busy trying to calm down the guys fighting over Divinity's tissue. She placed the mirror in her bag and batted her eyes as she made her way to xSock.

"Hey there. I'm Divinity. What's your name?" xSock, who hadn't seen ImDivinity up until then, spoke awkwardly because he was stunned by Divinity's beauty.
"Who, er, me? xfoot, I mean, SockX, I mean!" Divinity giggled.
"You're cute. You know, I always liked mysterious guys, seeing as you have, like, a hood and all."

"Umm, okay!" xSock said, still very awkwardly. Divinity smiled.
"Why do you have to hide your face under that hood? I bet under there you have a really cute face, not to mention a body of a Greek god."
"I, er, well!" xSock mumbled, blushing bright red under his hood by now.
"Divinity, leave my fellow admin to his duties!" Deity interrupted her.

Beside them, ImProdigy was trying to explain to Pescotti why Minecraft people sit on stairs instead of proper chairs, spitting saliva all over Pescotti's face in the process.
"Dude, stop spitting in my face!" Pescotti exclaimed as he wiped his face.
"Do you mind not interrupting me?!" Prodigy shouted. "How rude! As I was saying!" Pescotti closed his ears with his hands because he had enough of hearing Prodigy talk.
"Nanana. I can't hear you! Nanana."

ImSupreme stomped over to ImDeity with a bright red slap mark on his right cheek.
"Deity, what type of place is this?! The women here hate me and" Another female Deitian caught his eye. "Hey, who is that pretty young thing over there?" He grinned once again as he made his way to his new target.
"Supreme, wait." Deity said as he tried to grab Supreme's shoulder but was pulled back by Divinity who was still complaining of ImDeity Kingdoms' lack of hairdressers.

ImSupreme combed his hair as he spoke. "Hey, babe. You know, I never say this to any girl but what's a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?" "Umm, minding my own business?" the dame said, raising an eyebrow at Supreme. "So, babe. What's your name?" Supreme said, as he ran his fingers through his brown hair.
"Err, Gwenhywar." The dame said.
"Well, Gwenhywar, have I ever told you about the time I took down a dozen ender dragons with my bare hands?"
"Well, lay your head on my shoulder," he said as he patted his left shoulder. "And I'll tell you all about it."
"Oh joy," Gwenhywar said rolling her eyes. Supreme whispered something into Gwenhywar's ear who didn't comment on what Supreme said after he was done.
"Say, is that a slap mark, Supreme?"
"Yeah, that Arwenden girl did this. Can you believe that?" Supreme grumbled as he rubbed his sore cheek. Gwenhywar shook her head.
"Too bad your other cheek doesn't match. Here let me help you with that!"

ImDeity rubbed his temples. "No, no, this isn't supposed to happen. Now I remember why I distanced myself from them! If I hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to be the ruler of my own lands!" Deity looked around at the chaos. The male Deitians were still fighting over Divinity's tissue.

"Everyone, please, stop fighting," Deity said.
ImDivinity was still whining about the lack of hairdressers. ImProdigy was busy explaining why endermen have short bodies, while a few Deitians stood beside him, with their hands on their ears while dodging Prodigy's spit.
"Everyone, please!" Deity spoke again, this time much louder.
ImSupreme was busy flirting with a few more female Deitians, getting more slaps in the process.
Deity shook with rage. "ENOUGH!" he screamed as he rose several feet in the air.
"Look at us, Deitians. We're fighting! Is this what we really are? Have all the good things we did together, the memories, end up in vain?" Deity spoke boldly with confidence clear in his tone. The fighting stopped. Everyone kept quiet, even ImProdigy.
"Look, I'm sorry for shouting. I just couldn't bear to see all of you fight." Deity turned to his siblings. "Supreme, Divinity, Prodigy, I'm sorry. You have to go. We'll meet in the future, someplace ELSE preferably." He said as he floated down.
ImSupreme walked over to ImDeity and placed his hands on ImDeity's shoulders.
"Brother! I'm proud of you. You stood up for what's right and reminded your people to be unified. That was the most impressive, manliest few words I have ever heard."
Deity was at loss of words. "Wow, thanks, Supreme. That means a lot coming from you." Supreme smiled and nodded his head.
Divinity rushed up to her brother and gave him the biggest hug.
"Even though this place could use a hairdresser, I still appreciate the fact that I was able to see my dear brother again."
Prodigy shook Deity's hand as he spoke with tears in his eyes. "Brother Deity, I was amazed when you spoke out. I always get picked on but when I'm reminded of having you as my brother, it makes my day brighter. You've always been my motivation. Thank you, brother." Prodigy started crying causing snot to go all over Deity's attire but Deity was too happy to be annoyed or even angry by it.
Later that day, after a day of feasting and events, Supreme, Divinity and Prodigy boarded their boat back home. Everyone waved at Deity's siblings as they sailed away.
"Well, I can see that good looks run in the family, Deity." A female Deitian said to him.
"Don't forget smarts!" Smcallah added.
Deity laughed. "Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it, I really do. Still, there's something I ought to tell you."
"What's that?" Fraudummkopf asked.
"Even though all of you aren't my siblings, I've always seen all of you as my family." Deity said as tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks.
"Three cheers for Imdeity!" SweetMaple shouted.
And thus, ended another lazy day in Imdeity Kingdoms.

(Story by eriqmerc, 1st place in "The WikiTales Contest" 2013)

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