Buying and Selling at Player Shops

Players with the Merchant class at rank 2 (Financier), or above, have the ability to own shops at /Mall and can buy and sell items from their shop, even when they're offline.

How to Use it

Reading a Shop Sign

  • 1st line: Shop Owner's Username
  • 2nd line: Quantity: Amount of items bought or sold with each click
  • 3rd line: Prices: "B" is the price players pay to buy items from the chest; "S" is how much players receive for selling items to the chest
  • 4th line: Item name: Name of the items being sold/bought

Using a Shop Sign

To buy from the shop: Left click (Punch) the shop sign.

To sell to the shop: Right click (Use) the shop sign.

Attention to some details!
A price listed as "1.500" equals 1.5, or one and half Dei, not 1500 Dei!
Take in consideration the data value next to item names. They could mean you are buying a different item than the name says, e.g. 'Stone' are Stone blocks, 'Stone:1' are Granite blocks.

How a Shop Works

Payments and Alerts

At every purchase or sale to a shop, money is immediately added or taken from the owner's balance. If they have no money when a player tries to sell them something, the sale will not occur.
When a purchase happens, shop owners are notified in chat if they are online (Large purchases might spam chat). They also receive messages if someone tries to buy from their shop and it is out of stock.


Shop owners pay a 15% on every sale they do. Consider that when pricing your items.
Every day, shop owners receive a Mail with their total sales for that day and the amount of taxes deducted.

How to Create a Player Shop

Getting a Shop Stall

  1. Be at least a Rank 2 Merchant
  2. Wait for a stall to be on auction - Auctions are done by the Admins whenever they find it necessary. There is no regular schedule.
  3. Write your shop preference list and place your bid, both are done through your Portal Page
  4. When the auction period is over, the winners will be assigned the first available shop from their preference list, highest bidders first.
  5. You must be online for an Admin to assign your shop to you - Being offline during the assignment period doesn't make you lose your shop.

Creating a Shop Sign

  1. Place a chest
  2. Place a sign on one of the sides of the chest.
  3. Write your shop sign following this model:
    • 1st Line: Leave it blank
    • 2nd Line: Quantity
    • 3rd Line: B [Price] : S [Price]
    • 4th Line: [Item Name or ID]

In the left, an example of what you should type. To the right, a shop sign auto-completed by the plugin.
The owner's name is added automatically and the item's ID is converted into its name. Don't worry if either of these auto filled parts do not fit entirely on the sign, it will still work.

B is the price players will pay to you.
S is the amount players will receive from you.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can make signs that only buy or sell something by adding only B (price) or S (price), you don't need to add a colon then.
  • Occupy space inside your buying chest with an item that's different than what you are buying, to limit how much players can sell to you.
  • Some items, such as enchanted tools, will have a 4th line description that is not easily understood. It is recommended to add a descriptive sign near to the chests in those cases.
  • If you want to give or take items for free, type in "free" instead of a price.
  • If you don't know what is the ID of the items you want to sell or buy, hold it in your hand and type /iteminfo into chat. If you do not have the item, you can find its ID in the Minecraft Wiki.

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