Promoting a New Mayor Or Selling/Trading/Gifting a Town

Selling/trading/giving a Town is allowed, but comes with a number of rules and procedures that must be followed.

It's expected, but not required, that all assistants will be removed before the new mayor takes control of the town. If this does not happen, the new mayor has the right to remove them. The new mayor can of course keep any and all assistants in place if they choose.

Upon sale/trade/gift of or promoting a new mayor to a town, the new mayor must notify all residents of the sale/trade/gift or promotion by updating the town board message to contain information of the change. The forum thread for the town, if it exists, should be updated with notice of the sale or promotion promptly (and the thread should be bumped with the a message also). Further more the new mayor is also not allowed to give the mayorship away within the next 4 weeks. If you want to buy a town and delete it after you became the mayor, you have to wait 4 weeks (plus you have to make a 10-days notice for the residents, see below for more information on that topic).

Since the town is able to run smoothly for a few weeks without any mayor, banned mayors are not a reason for immediate announcement of a new mayor. When the current mayor is banned, he/she has the possibility of appealing the ban within 30 days. These 30 days are the general time to wait for the announcement of a new mayor. This applies for temp bans as much as for perm bans.

After this wait time the mayor will be chosen between the co-mayors. If there is more than one co-mayor, they have to decide together who is the new mayor. If there are only assistants, they will have to decide together about the promotion. All other rules stated above also apply for the new mayor.

The plot and resident taxes for the town may not be increased by any amount for at least 2 weeks following the sale/trade/gift or promotion.

Following the sale/trade/gift of or promotion of a new mayor in a town: none of the residents may be removed, their constructions modified, nor any of their possessions or plots taken away from them without sending the resident a /mail and waiting 10 days from the sending of said mail message. If the resident responds within 10 days, and wishes to reclaim their items, they may do so and must be given a full week from the time of their response to reclaim the items. After waiting 10 days, assuming no response from the resident (or if the resident agrees to the town claiming their plot/items), the town may then reclaim that resident's plot. 

This doesn't mean you can steal their items, you must hold the items until they claim them, or the 30 day holding period is over.

** Only exception allowed is if the "new" Mayor is an alt of the old mayor.  Then it isn't considered a transfer of ownership as it is still the same person.

Any violation of these rules will result in temporary ban time for anyone involved (for example, if we find no /mail record of the resident being notified 10 days before their constructions/possessions were modified).

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