The secret Capital

It was a sunny day in the Kingdoms and smc wanted to make sure that everything was alright for them and providing everyone with the latest news. Everyone in the Kingdoms knew he was the caretaker. The one that cleaned up every mess and doing his upmost to be fair and helpful to everyone that needed help. So he was once again flying around the secret spawn. Everyone thought they knew the main spawn of the Capital but actually it was the best kept secret of the Kingdom. The Capital hold many residents in it. One shyer than the other. But they knew him and the other admins well. No reason to hide when ImDeity or smc came. Some of them searched for a hideout when van came. He played some jokes on them from time to time. Nothing serious mere fun but it scared them. But today it was smc who stopped by and so they waved already when he flew over the Capital.

The Herald blew his fanfare horn and every guard at the town gates and on the town walls and towers rose his head to the flying smc with a friendly greet. He knew everyone would try to get a glimpse of the mighty, liked visitor and got closer to the ground. He just reached the market and for a second it seemed as if he dove down in the water next to it. The shop owners around stepped out of their houses to wave him fly by. Sometimes he did not see on the first sight who was who. They were all somehow related, but on the second view he always knew. Neil Tennant, the pet shop owner, shouted up to him:
"I shall say 'Hello!' from Fluffy." and smc smiled, putting some rotten flesh in Neil's inventory. Knowing Fluffy would surely like that.

So close to the ground that he nearly burned himself with the fire of the arenas he was reminded of his reason to come today. He made a turn and got back to the Herald. Harry welcomed smc with his known reserve and politeness:
"Sire smc, good to see you around. I have no important news to tell you about the people here."
smc nodded thankfully: "But, Harry, today I have something that the people need to know. Please let them gather close to the castle."
Harry made a busy face and used his fanfare horn again to show everyone there was an announcement soon.

A few minutes later almost everyone was close to the castle and waiting for smc -still above their heads- to make his announcement.
"So, brave ImDeity fellowmen! We all know that you love your life in the secret spawn. But it is about time... This place got a makeover the last weeks and will get some new buildings and secure places the next days. We are going to make it public soon...."
The residents of the Capital stood and stared. Nothing more. In the usually fuzzy town everyone went silent and was trying to figure out if smc just made a bad joke. When Yerg the Fladnag started to mumble, smc went on talking.
"You do not have to worry, new countrymen will still have to prove their ability to read and listen first."
Some others despite the wizard started mumbling and discussing in the meanwhile, but smc was not done yet.
"They will learn the law and rules of the ImDeity Kingdom before they enter the Capital. They have to prove themselves before that."
Some residents of the Capital still had a scared look on their faces, others nodded satisfied and some rose their voices. smc knew it was still his responsibility to calm them down.
"We want to ask the bravest of you to help us show the new comers about law and order..."
He wanted to tell them that Deity himself wants to ask for volunteers later, but some already stepped forth.
"I want to show the noobs how to behave..." The wizard Yerg said in his known snotty voice. And also Igor the Babarian roared:
"Me wil teach em what's what!" Yerg snorted.
"What shall they learn from a stupid fighter like you? You cannot even talk!"
smc rolled his eyes. He wanted to state something clear.
"We want to show them that being polite, use common sense and self restraint... We will see if you two can provide them with that. But I am off. Think about it and take your time. ImDeity will talk to you soon!"
Yerg and Igor both felt like caught. But the other residents start to discuss the upcoming changes that will reach their Capital "soon". The good thing was to have Benedict, Smithy, Tybalt, the Bookmaster Bastian, Notch and Mr. Pennybags back around them soon. But all the new people... And when was "soon"?

(by Gwenhywar)

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