Rules & Guidelines

Understanding of the rules is important to being successful on ImDeity Kingdoms. The breaking of any of the rules can result in a warning, mute, kick, temporary or permanent ban. You are expected to know the rules. Ignorance is not an excuse to avoid punishment. The rules are in place not just to punish people, but to make the server enjoyable for everyone.

Gameplay rules

  1. No griefing. Griefing is defined as the destruction, theft, or modification of something you did not build or gather without given permission.
  2. No explicit or offensive builds, which includes but is not limited to hate symbols, curse words, genitalia, or builds harassing players or towns.
  3. No explicit or offensive player skins, which includes but is not limited to naked skins or those with swastikas or similar symbols on them.
  4. No large builds intended to deface the map/landscape. Removal is at the discretion of the Administrators.
  5. No hacking, which includes flying mods, x-ray, killing auras, and any other mod or client hack that gives a player an unfair advantage.
  6. No exploiting.  Exploiting is defined as purposely using a bug or glitch to your advantage or for other detrimental purposes.
  7. No massive redstone circuitry or anything that causes the server to lag.
  8. No intentionally killing other players outside of designated PvP areas.
  9. No bypassing any punishment with an alternate account or other method.  This includes bypassing forum and TeamSpeak bans.
  10. No causing server downtime, via DDoS or any other malicious method.
              Bugs and Glitches should be reported in this thread.

The no griefing and no stealing rules are not enforced on the Mining World nor the PvP or FTB servers. The no PvP rule is, of course, not enforced on the PvP server.

Chat rules

  1. No cursing, which includes words that when said aloud sound like curse words.
  2. No continued use of wrong chat channels, especially the help channel. More information about chat.
  3. No all capital words or sentences. This is the equivalent of yelling.
  4. No insulting, harassment, or bullying. This includes harassment in all forms, but is not limited to, sexism, racism, and homophobia.
  5. No spamming, which includes spambots, repeated identical messages, random text, repeated letters in words, or multiple short lines in quick succession.
  6. No server bashing, as in no insulting the server staff or the server itself.
  7. No discussions on politics, religion, or any other topic that is controversial.
  8. No posting malicious or explicit web links.
  9. No ASCII art.
  10. No advertising or talking about other servers.
  11. No impersonation of any website or server staff.
  12. No personal discussions in global chat channels, use local chat or /tell for that.

If you have been banned, you can appeal your ban here. Be sure to read the ban appeal guidelines located here!

If something is considered immoral, unethical, or illegal in the real world it is most likely not tolerated on the server.

The rules listed here are subject to change at any time. The type and length of punishment is at the discretion of the staff administering it.

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