PvP Rules

The rules for the PvP server differ from the rules of the Main world. Hacking and exploiting bugs will be punished with a ban. Furthermore, swearing in chat and insulting players is not allowed. Be civil and polite, respect everyone, and listen to the server staff. In the PVP world, one is allowed to raid and loot bases.

You set the relation you WISH to have with another faction. Your default relation with other factions will be neutral. If BOTH factions choose "ally", you will be allies. If ONE faction chooses "enemy" you will be enemies.

You can never hurt members of your faction or allies. You can also not hurt neutrals in their territory. You can always hurt enemies and players without any faction. Damage from enemies is reduced in your territory. When you die, you lose power. It is restored over time. The power of a faction is the sum of all members' power. It determines how much land that faction can claim and hold. You can claim land from factions with too little power.

Only faction members can build and destroy in their territory. Usage of the following items is also restricted: door, chest, furnace, dispenser, diode. As dispensers are protected, you can create traps without worrying about those arrows getting stolen.

Be sure to put pressure plates in front of doors for your guest visitors. Otherwise they can't get through. But be aware: Enemies can also use them! You can also use these to create member only areas.

There are a total of five server shops on PVP. A small beginner shop with basic items is located at spawn. To the South, you will find the Acme Anvil Company for all your armor and weapons needs. To the North, The Smoking Cauldron provides brewing needs. To the West, Gluttons Delight gives you food options, and to the East is Bombs Away, for all your explosion needs.

Have Fun and Enjoy!

If you want to report a PvP player or any PvP issue, please send a private message via the forum to Senior Moderator Vershye.

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