Rich and his journey

The man, dressed in a simple brown robe with the soft clinking of gold in his pockets, slowly made his way across the Icespine Mountains. His name was Rich, and he'd come to this land from the dangerous Wildlands, where anything might just as soon take your life (and ample supply of gold) if you weren't careful. He'd had a small shop set up on the edges of a small town, but it hadn't done well. He'd finally gotten tired of sitting in the shop, and after two straight weeks of having no customers, decided to move on and try his luck in a different part of the world.

His sojourn had taken the greater part of three months, and his supplies were dwindling dangerously low. However, the stories he'd heard of the glorious Kingdoms of the Immortal Deity kept him going, kept him alive. It didn't exactly warm his toes (which were all but frozen at this point), but that's what he had his trusty coal stash for.

Oddly enough, though he'd heard of supernatural forces which prevented fire from catching on any part of the world, torches seemed to burn easily enough, and several of them surrounding him kept him warm enough to keep going. However, it didn't help him stand against the wind.

Wait, what was that? There seemed to be a slight shift in the wind, almost sounded like a fuse lighting, but then it ceased. He looked warily around, attempting to take stock of his bitterly frozen surroundings. The swirls of snow and ice blowing around him threatened to extinguish his torches and freeze him solid, so he had to keep moving.

There was that noise again. He whirled about in enough time to catch a glimpse of leafy green and horrid face, glaring at him from within the blizzard. Panic swelled in his chest, forcing him to gather his torches hurriedly and flee madly from the creature. He hadn't the slightest idea what he was running from, only that he felt the intense urge to get as far from the creature as possible. He ran and ran until his lungs felt like they would burst if he took another step; and still he ran.

He slipped on a tuft of snow and suddenly found himself sliding across a great expanse of icy lake, doing small kicks to slide across the ice as smoothly as he could. Thank goodness he'd taken those skating classes in his spare time. The ice seemed to be formed over a river, frozen solid from all the snow that the blizzard had kicked up. His wretched feet were frozen solid before he made it to the other bank, far away from the celadon abomination that had been stalking him in the snow.

He decided that this was the time to eat some of his losses; it's a good thing more people hadn't been by to purchase any of his gold, because he took this time to forge some of it into a lovely suit of gold armor. The malleable gold fit nicely across his frostbitten feet, and the helmet covered his ears nicely enough. The breastplate and pants were heavenly, and as he discarded his tattered robe in the snow, he entertained a vague hope that he wasn't littering, because he didn't want the Immortal Deity to frown on him. He needn't have worried.

The Immortal Deity appeared to him at that moment (well, more like descended from the sky, but appeared sounds better) and spoke to him. I can't recall all that was said, because He spoke only to the frozen man in his golden armor. Rich noticed at that point that he was standing mere meters away from a large stone wall, providing a glorious bastion against the creatures of the night.

The Immortal Deity then led the frozen man within the gates of the Capital, and Rich felt his frostbite melt away as he walked down the streets, wondering where the Deity would take him. Moments later, the Deity stopped flying just in front of a nice-looking house on a street corner, and told Rich, "This is the place that shall be yours. Provide well for the members of my Kingdoms." And with that being said, He flew away.

There are many who say that Rich Pennybags still resides in that house today, buying the lovely gold of any who find him.

(Story by nolarboot, 3rd place in April's "Imdeity's Scribbling Wars" 2012)

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