How to report a forum post?

The forum is a feature to communicate with other players, have fun, and spread the word. The forum staff is trying to keep it a friendly and nice place. You may ask yourself: What is it that I can possibly do to make the forums better? Well, if you don't know, the forums has hundred and sometimes even thousands of messages that are made on it everyday and the forum team currently consists of around four people, with the help of other mods/admins here and there. Players are willing to help direct players to the right forums or so, but some threads are just complete spam and or nonsense. They need to be locked/deleted, but isn't brought to the attention of any staff member all the time. With that being said, the staff aren't able to read every single thread/post made on a day to day basis, but there is a simple little thing you can do to help.

The Report Feature

A simple, yet handy feature of the forum software we have is this feature where you can report a thread/post for whatever reason you find it. Appropriate reasons for reporting a thread/post include, but isn't limited to: inappropriate content, behavior, language, advertising, and/or spamming, breaking rules of a subforum, and anything you see that should be brought to the attention of a staff member. Answering to spam posts does not help us at all. If you regard a post as spam, just report it. If the forum team deletes a post and people replied to it, they need to delete all the referring posts as well.

How to use the report feature?

How does one use the report feature you ask? Here's an example of a suitable situation to use the report feature.

KiddieWish obviously made a troll thread and needs to be reported:
Kiddie's Spam Post

As you easily see in the picture, it's just screaming spam and nonsense all over it. What do you do? If you look under the post, conveniently there is a little 'report' button (within the black frame). Once you press that button, it should bring up a pop-up window like this:

Reporting Kiddie's Spam Post

You're doing it right if this window pops up. Now you're going to report the post for whatever reason you see it at fault. For example, I see this thread/post as complete spam and it's just plain nonsense, so I reported it as that and after I'm done typing that, I just simply click the report post button.

Just by reporting a thread/post this way, you're helping out the forums tremendously. You're helping reduce the spam, nonsense posts, rule-breaking threads, and whatever shouldn't be on the forums, which is greatly appreciated by the staff.

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