ImDeity Special Recipes

Here is a list of all ImDeity Kingdoms' custom recipes, that allow players to craft otherwise unobtainable items.

Items with special names or lore will lose them if taken to the mining world. The same will happen to items auctioned through the Portal or placed (for blocks).

How to Use

Crafting: These recipes can be crafted on a crafting table or directly from player inventory. Ingredients must be placed in the exact shape pictured, except when stated otherwise. Some recipes can only be crafted at a few specific biomes - if none is specified that means it can be crafted anywhere.
After arranging the items in the correct position, it may take a few moments before the result item appears.

'Roulette' Recipes: This type of recipe has multiple results which are randomized at the moment you craft them.
By placing your mouse over the resulting item, you will see a list of possible results and the chances of each one being crafted.
Be advised that these recipes can consume your ingredient items without giving you a good item as result, and may even fail completely. By crafting them you are accepting the risk of loss.

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Recipes Index

Black Dye Blaze Powder Blaze Rod Bottle o' Enchanting Enderstone Ghast Tear Skull
Player Head Creeper Head Skeleton Head Zombie Head Name Tag Nether Star Netherrack
Prismarine Crystals Prismarine Shard Quartz Ore Slimeball Soulsand Sponge Web
Clock Glistering Melon Golden Carrot Golden Apple Enchanted Golden Apple Gold Plate Golden Sword
Golden Pickaxe Golden Axe Golden Shovel Golden Hoe Powered Rail
Blank Spawn Egg Horse Spawn Egg Ocelot Spawn Egg Wolf Spawn Egg Rabbit Spawn Egg Bat Spawn Egg Chicken Spawn Egg
Cow Spawn Egg Sheep Spawn Egg Pig Spawn Egg Guardian Spawn Egg
Recycle Arrows Recycle Diamond Sword Recycle Diamond Pickaxe Recycle Diamond Axe Recycle Diamond Shovel Recycle Diamond Hoe Random Loot Chest

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