Quickstart for ImDeity Kingdoms

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Step 1 Login

[url=join]Log in[/url] to the server (mc.imdeity.com)
Connecting to Imdeity Kingdoms

Step 2 The Portals

When you log in to the server, you will see 3 portals in front of you as shown below.
Portal Spawn

Step 3 Choose a World

Go to one of the portals to enter the world you want to play on. Click a button below to continue the quickstart:

[url=main][/url] The [url=main]Main world[/url] is a survival world with Towns, kingdoms, quests, and a gold-based economy.

[url=creative-world][/url] The [url=creative-world]Creative world[/url] gives you the opportunity to free-build with unlimited items and fly mode.

[url=pvp][/url] The [url=pvp]PvP world[/url] (Player vs Player) has Factions, bounties and kill-based economy. Raiding and fighting is allowed!

[url=join-ftb][/url] We also have two Feed the Beast (Magic Farm 2 & Horizons) servers (not accessible through these portals) — [url=join-ftb]requires a different Launcher[/url]

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