The ImDeity Kingdoms has a lot of quests for its residents.

The quest-giving NPCs are currently all to be found around /spawn and some even headed out to the wilderness. If you punch a quest-giver NPC, they will give you instructions in chat. You may have to bring them items, or type a line of text. ( Such as "/quest 15")

When you have the items the NPC asked for in your inventory, just punch them again, type the quest number in again, if needed, and the NPC will accept the items. (Bring only the amount of items that the NPC asks for, if you bring extra, you may lose it)

You will get EXP (experience points) and a special reward, which can be Dei or items.
At the moment most of the quests can only be done once. But in the future there are more quests to come.
There will be a list of quests in the future.

Please do not ask for quests and quest givers in any global chat. Quests are to be found and not something that should be given out without any personal effort.

Our Head Mod Gwenhywar worked on all quests. If you find any problems with quests, write a message to Gwenhywar.

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