Quickstart to PvP World

1 The Start

When you join PvP, you are in a protected area. No-one can attack you here.

2 Shops

There are some shops nearby that can provide you with supplies.

3 PvP Area

Outside of spawn raiding and killing is allowed. Note: All other general rules (such as no bad language) still apply.

4 Making Money

There are 2 easy ways to make money:
  1. Vote for the server to get 200 Dei each day.
  2. Killing a player will give up to 25 Dei.

 Additionally, if you kill a player that has a Bounty set on them, you are rewarded that amount of Dei. 

5 Joining a Faction

If you wish to join a faction, ask in /recruit. To send a request to a faction, type /f join [faction name].

6 Creating a Faction

Creating a new faction is kind of easy if you are on PvP with at least one friend. It costs 300 Dei. To create the faction you simply type /f create [faction name]. When you want to claim a plot for your faction it costs additional 30 Dei with the command /f claim.

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