PvP Commands

General Commands

  1. To see the ingame help, type: /f ? [page=1],/f help [page=1] OR /f h [page=1].
  2. Type /f list [page=1] or /f ls [page=1] to see a list of all existing factions.
  3. To see player information /f player.
  4. To join a faction type /f join [faction name] [player=you], to leave it: /f leave. For some factions you need to be invited before you are able to join them.
  5. To get to your faction spawn /f home.
  6. You check your balance by /balance or /bal .

Commands for Factions

  1. Type /f create [faction name] to create a faction. .
  2. You can make a description for your faction with /f desc [descriptionhere].
  3. Your faction name is set here: /f name [faction name].
  4. Players are invited to join your faction by /f invite [player name] or /f inv [player name].
  5. Do not forget to sethome for your faction by /f sethome [faction tag=mine].
  6. You can check your faction's money by /f money.
  7. You claim land for your faction by /f claim [faction=your] [radius=1]. You autoclaim land for your faction while walking around with /f autoclaim.
  8. To unclaim the land you are standing on, type: /f unclaim.
  9. To kick a player from your faction use /f kick.
  10. To make a player a officer of your faction type /f officer [player name].
  11. To make a player a higher member of your faction type /f promote [player name]].
  12. You can also give yourself a title by typing: /f title [player name] [title=]. It costs 40 Dei.
  13. To look at the faction map type /f map [on/off=once].
  14. To disband your faction, just type: /f disband [faction tag=yours].
  15. You can set the relation of your faction to another by doing /f ally [faction], /f neutral [faction]  or /f enemy [faction] .

Faction Money Commands

  1. To see the balance of your faction,  type /f money balance[faction=yours]
  2. To deposit money into your faction, use /f money deposit [amount] [faction= yours] or /f money d [amount] [faction= yours].
  3. To transfer money between two factions, use /f money ff [amount] [faction] [faction]
  4. A faction gives money to a player by using: /f money fp [amount] [faction] [player].
  5. To give money to a faction as a player you type: /f money pf [amount] [player] [faction].

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