Adding Pictures

In this tutorial you learn how you can add images or pictures to a post. Either in a conversation or in a forum post!

Forum post

The way to upload the image is different whether it is located on your computer or on the internet itself.

Internet images

Once you want to post an image which is already uploaded on the internet (via another site or an image uploading site). Just copy the image url. This you can do by right-clicking the image and selecting the: 'copy image url' option.

If you did the 'copy image url' option you can go to your forum post and click on the 'tree'-looking icon in the toolbar, as shown in the image above. Then the window as shown below should appear.
Insert Image

If this window appears you just paste the url into the box where I wrote: Put your link here. This you can do by either right-clicking the box and click on the option 'paste' or just do the command 'ctrl+v' (hitting the ctrl button and the v button simultaneously).

Computer images

If the image(s) you want to upload are situated on your computer you need to approach the other tactic. It is a bit more hidden but it is just as easy. Go to the forum thread you want to post on and click on the 'more options' button below the box in which you can put your text

More Options

If you can find it click on it. Then this interface appears.


In this interface you should click on the 'upload a file' button and locate it on your computer by searching for the right folder and the image inside it. It's as simple as that!
I also highlighted the 'tree'-looking icon again as you can also upload internet images in the 'more options'-interface.


The way to add images in a conversation is basically the same as in a forum post, though the interface is slightly different.
Convo Interface

As you can see in the image above I highlighted the 'tree'-looking icon and the 'upload a file' button. In a conversation you don't need to click on the 'more options' button (as you have to do in the forum post interface) to upload an image located on your computer.

The functions are just the same as the ones for the forum. An image url from the internet can be uploaded via the 'tree'-looking icon. An image situated on your computer can be uploaded via the 'upload a file' button. (For more information look under the forum post section).

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