The End of the White Oyster

The crew of the White Oyster had just recently hired a new crew. Captain Steve Tailor needed a crew for his merchant galleon which others might have called a pirate ship. Tailor was well known to be the unlucky fellow that always fails. So his crew stood as one, but only the most desperate, rude or noobiest sailors joined him. To make a crew one team drank a lot of rum and other alcohols went down their throats that night. The ship did not weigh its anchor for a long time yet, but the night came and Sailor Matt was the one who stood awake with some others to do the watch at night. The Captain stayed in his cabin, while the crew tried to find some rest below.

It seemed to be a silent night when suddenly, in the early morning, Sailor Matt heard some soft whistle from below. "Diggy diggy hole..." was the melody he recognized. It converged with the deep snoring voices of the others below. Matt had a smile on his face and wanted to ignore the whistling at first but then, through the other noises, a steady "toc toc toc" caught his attention. He was wondering for a second while it stopped but then again: "Toc toc toc!"

Matt was a typical sailor, rough and cold-hearted but very superstitious. Just recently he had visited the seer who told him that he could do something good to live a long life; that was at least what Matt got from the seer's confusing words. His eyes seemed to have been rolled back like seeing into the inside of his head, while he said with a dark voice: "Sailor, your fortune is to stay on this world for a long time. The only thing you have to do is to save the fool that causes trouble in the crew. More trouble than there could ever be. He shall survive to do something for an adventurer years ahead; to complete a different fate."

Matt got aware of the malign "toc" in the belly of the ship once more and went below. He jumped down in the dark and heard his feet splashing into cold water even before feeling the cold water at his calves. The oil lamp he held in his hand lit up an almost ridiculous scene if it was not that deadly. Sailor Booty, one of those that already proved his noobiness to the crew the last hours, stood in the middle of the ship. His lips pursed to whistle happily and an impressive iron axe in his hands. "Diggy diggy hole...." was still the melody he formed and the axe smashed the planks of the ship belly. The wood had already burst at various places and the water flew in faster with every hit. Sailor Matt stood stunned for a second. Saying more to himself than to anyone else: "What the...." and then barking out rough maledictions which awoke the most other still drunken crew members. One more hit by Sailor Booty and a huge wave of water ran into the ship and got everyone who was up yet off his feet. In this second, various things happened: while Booty fell down, Matt recognized that the noob was sleepwalking, some of the others fell into the water more likely unconscious and started to drown and others to panic. Everyone was screaming and ran and to complete the tough luck: the oil lamp fell at one of the last dry ropes and it caught fire.

No one today can really tell what happened. Fact is: the ship was sunk and the crew died. They all died, except Sailor Booty. Booty, the one who caused all this, was the one who was saved by the brave Sailor Matt. He lives in the ImDeity Kingdom now and though he says, he cannot remember anything of this night, he might be the one who knows where the wreck can be found...

(by Gwenhywar)

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