A whole new world

Once upon a time, there was a different ImDeity Kingdom. Today, not even believable for most of the people in the Kingdom but there were different towns and a lot of other builds and an infrastructure that was different from this today. "Why?" maybe the question that now comes to your mind. A question that can be answered various ways. But here we wanna tell you why the old Kingdom is gone and why it is plainly called "the map reset" by some strange people.

The old kingdom was prosperous and though had not reached its highest climax, there was much more to come. The world held some honeypots for their visitors and residents. But the great Immortal Deity, chief of the Kingdoms, and some of his trusty followers forsaw that there might be a radical change in the future. It was a bright and sunny day in the old Capital when xSock, a closer and high-ranking member of ImDeitys followers, found a problem almost in the middle of the Capital. A few minions already dropped dead when he saw that there was a vespene gas leak. The leak caused not only death but also a Plague in the town. Though xSock and the others had great powers and ideas, they were not able to repair the leak. As a temporary measure and to prevent from more deaths and sickness xSock secured the area and put up a sign for the closing of the area "due to a vespene gas leak". Due to his love to most of the other Kingdoms minions he made a Plague house to give the affected people a place to stay. This smart solution worked for some time.

Unfortunately after a while the temporary solution did not help anymore. The leader and his closest followers knew there would be a time, that the gas will blow the whole Kingdom up. So they started to plan on a controlled big bang that would found a whole new world, that will be different than the old one, but though shining, shimmering and splendid. Their counting of days follows a different measurement than the Kingdoms minions are used to and so they announced a date in their calculation of times: "28th December 2011". Weeks before the planned big bang the minions were calmed down. The Immortal Deity himself promised the Kingdom population to take them over to the new world. He and his royal suite planned for days to make it possible to preserve the people in a big time gap and get them back after the big bang happened. Additionally everyone was allowed to take parts of his possessions with him, ImDeity would give back some days after the big bang.

As foreseen the enormous explosions happened at the promised date. It seemed like minutes to the population in a strange other world that had nothing todo with anything they are used to. But when they landed in the area that is today known as the Kingdom, it had a new capital, it seemed wider and with plenty of riches. And the people moved out to found new towns. After less than an hour there were three towns founded: Douroucouli, Buena Vista and Scarletdawn. But the genius story of their founding will be in other books...

(by Gwenhywar)

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