How to make money

Picture should be here!There are many ways to make money (referred to as "dei") on ImDeity Kingdoms.

1 Voting for Coin

Click the "Vote" link above to vote for the server and receive 200 dei. This can be done every 24 hours (once per day). Be sure to enter your in-game name when voting.

2 Mining and Selling Gold

If you want to mine for items, you must go to the Mining World -- this is the only place to get ores and other materials as the Main World does not have any.

Use /mine or a portal to access the Mining World.

Gold is not a crafting item on the server, every gold ore/ingot/block you move around in a chest or your inventory will be directly sent to the Deity Vault. The Vault is accessible through the Portal (under Money) to transmute your gold into money (dei). Yes, that really means you cannot craft or build with gold at the moment. There is a shop at which you can buy various gold items, accessible by typing /go shop.

3 Questing for Coin

The Kingdom offers a number of quests which often have monetary rewards.

4 Trading and Selling Services

You can trade directly with other players on the server. Advertise things you wish to sell via the /trade channel. You should only advertise once per 5 minutes and it should only be on one line. If someone agrees to purchase your items, agree on a place to meet and exchange the items there.

The trade happens at your own risk, so meet at a safe spot, where no one else can grab the items! The main spawn is not one of these places! If you are not given your money/items during a trade by the seller/buyer, nothing can be done! Only trade with those you trust! You can send money to players by using /pay PlayerName Amount.

5 Merchant Class - Shops & Auctions

The Merchant Class is developed for players who specifically want to earn more money. You can do this by auctioning via the Portal page or having a shop ingame.
For more information on this topic look at:

Merchant Class
Buying and Selling at Player Shops

6 Mall

As an economy server, you also have the option to buy and sell at the player run shops in the /mall. There are four different malls, each with a colour. They are /mall red, /mall blue, /mall green and /mall purple. Only Merchants can run them, but anyone can buy or sell at a shop.

Buying and Selling at Player Shops

7 Horse Market

Sell a horse at the Horse Market.

8 Jobs

Sometimes players need extra help with projects and you might see someone ask for help over the /trade channel, offering money in exchange for your help. If nobody is asking, you can advertise that you're willing to work. Say something like /trade "I need some money and I'm looking for work".
We also have a Trade Subforum where people might have made posts looking for people to work for them doing particular tasks like clearing land or demolishing a build.

Player guides

Several players made their own guide on how to make money. You can check these out as well!
  1. Gawkan's Guide - How to make money
  2. BitOfAle's Guide - All about shops

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