Mobs infecting the World

After the creating big bang, a new world showed up. What actually happened was that master ImDeity used the energy from the big bang with his fellow assistants to power a whole new technology: Teleportation. They had kept it secret from the rest of the Kingdoms population, in fear that the residents would be too scared to adventure into the world. However, before all of Kingdoms came, there were already things lurking in that world!

Before they came, evil Creepers and Zombies ruled the land. Along with the Skeletons and Spiders, they had grown into more than just a group of evil mobs, but a whole army of them spread across the new world. When ImDeity led the others into the new world, they were not happy. Pretty soon, they started to appear mainly wherever the most people gathered, so even the bravest of knights and soldiers cowered in their homes, fearing the wrath. The mobs started to round up to attack the Capital, to dethrone it from its glory. Brave warriors from all towns of new kingdom all had a new goal: Save the capital.

Fighters grouped together in hundreds, and defended the capital from the mobs. ImDeity himself, spread around a mob disease, that killed a lot of the mobs but unfortunately, the good animals, such as the pigs and sheep, also started to die out. Now only the smartest, the strongest of mobs would still be alive. Soon outnumbered, they retreated back to their caves and dungeons, only to prey on the unsuspecting wanderers and their diamonds!

As the world rejoiced, ImDeity decided to celebrate the success, while remember all those who died in the siege. So every so often, he gathers and finds the toughest of warriors, and sends them into an arena to test their skills, against those evil mobs. This way, the tale will always be remembered!

(Story by Lord_Aquarius, 3rd place in April's "Imdeity's Scribbling Wars" 2012)

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