Mining Adventure

It was an early morning in the ImDeity world. The sun was slowly rising, pushing away the night. The mobs were all de-spawning, dying, and vanishing. iSquared was slowly walking out of his home in Scarletdawn, ready for a good days work. He happily said good morning to all he encountered, not wanting to be a rude panda. He made a stop by his town's storage and picked up a few diamond pickaxes, torches, and some food for later.

After wandering around the ImDeity spawn for a little, welcoming some new members, he decided it would be a good idea to start mining for a bit. He left for the mining world, and immediately upon arrival, he found smcallah messing with monster spawners on top of the main building. "smcallah!" He called out, hoping he would hear. "What on EARTH are you doing?!" The Admin looked down at iSquared with surprise and shouted, "I'm messing with spawners, of course!" and with that, he went back to his fun.

The panda had walked away from that, shaking his head and rolling his eyes, knowing that it could only end badly, but nonetheless, he needed to mine. Leviathan_Ziz had used the last of his diamonds to make yet another set of diamond armor. "Silly Leviathan!" He thought, "You had better not touch my stash this time."

After walking what seemed to be a very nice distance, away from all the half cut trees, noob holes, and other people, Squared decided to start digging. He dug through the thin layer of dirt covering the side of a small hill, until he looked up at the sky, noticing that the night was falling upon him once more. "Rats," he said to himself, knowing nobody was around to hear. "I had better light it up around here!" Squared then pulled some torches out, slowly made his way out of the small dent he had started digging, and rapidly placed a few torches, hoping to not be attacked by a monster. "There," He thought, "That should do it.."

The panda then pulled out a brand new diamond pickaxe and started swinging away at the stone. He was gradually descending as he dug, making a staircase like mine down to a level in which you would commonly find diamonds. Along the way, to his surprise, he had hit gold! Thrilled he said, "Gold! Aha! More to sell to Pennybags!" He tucked the gold away safely, and continued mining, hoping to soon find some diamonds to last him a while.

Tired, and worn, iSquared kept digging away. He was about ready to give in and go back to the comfort of his home, but in the corner of his eye, there was a glimmer. Rapidly, he rushed over to where he saw the shine, and sure enough, there they were. The precious diamonds he had been looking for all along were over a pool of hot lava. Excitedly, he pulled out cobble, and carefully made a bridge out to the diamond. "It's about time..." He thought, ready to go home.

He'd hit a loot! Around that diamond vein were more diamonds! He'd hit the jackpot returning with 32 of them! Happily strolling out of the cave, following his path back, he stopped. "Sssssss." Did he really just hear that? Was it his imagination? "Sssssss." He turned around, as fast as lightning, and there appeared the face of a black-eyed creeper, and the last thing he remembers is the sound of the explosion.

(Story by QazzSparkles, 2nd place in April's "Imdeity's Scribbling Wars" 2012)

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