Merchant Class

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Merchant Class Ranks & Requirements

Rank Registered Time* In-Game Time Forum Posts Server Votes Dei Cost [url=quests]Quest XP[/url] Dei made selling to shops Auctions started
Rank 0 (Trader) 2 Days 2 Hours 2 Posts 2 Votes 200 Dei Not Required Not Required None Required
Rank 1 (Vendor) 7 Days 7 Hours 7 Posts 7 Votes 2500 Dei 12 xp 500 Dei None Required
Rank 2 (Financier) 14 Days 18 Hours 24 Posts 14 Votes 10000 Dei 36 xp 1500 Dei 10 Auctions
* Server Donors skip this requirement.

Note: Once you choose this class, your rank in it is 0, Worker. Perks from your class start at rank 1.

Merchant's Abilities

Vendors (or higher) receive a few trading advantages over other classes:

Auctioning: Put your items for auction and watch as the bids go higher and higher!
[url=auctions]Learn more about auctions here[/url]
Sell more horses: Merchants can sell more than one [url=horse-market]horse in the market[/url] simultaneously.
Have your own shop at /mall: Put your merchandise for sale and let the customers come to you! (Financier rank required)
Curious about the shops? [url=shops]Click here![/url]

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