How to Use LogBlock

The Nobility class and server staff have access to a special tool that allows them to see players' interactions with blocks or chests: LogBlock

To check the logs of a block or chest, the player simply has to Right-click it while holding a common Wooden Pickaxe:

Below (image) is an example of the information a Noble sees when using his LogTool on a chest, in order:

{Month-Day} {Hour-Minutes-Seconds} {Name of the player who interacted with the chest} {Action done: Took or Put items} {Quantity} {Name of items/blocks taken/put}

In the next image is an example of the information sen when using a LogTool on a block or sign, in order:

{Month-Day} {Hour-Minutes-Seconds} {Name of the player} {Action done: Created or Destroyed} {Block interacted with} {Text written - Signs only}

Nobles are given this tool so they are able to resolve minor offenses within their towns for themselves, e.g. a resident of their town steals from another resident of the same town. This is what we call "Town Matter" - click for more information on the subject.

For situations where a player from out of town is the offender, or the amount of damage caused by a town resident is extreme, a Ticket should be made.

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