Joining a Town

Towns are a core part of the ImDeity server and you are highly encouraged to join one as it will give you protected plots, a friendly community of players that can help you, access to town farms, a dedicated town chat channel and more.

Requires Portal Account - You will need to be registered

Step 1 Portal

Go to the Portal on the website.

Step 2 Choose a Town

On the Portal page, click Join town. You will see a list of towns with their town banners and some town info. Click on a town name (or the banner) to see more info or to join a town.

Step 3 Apply for a Town

On the town's information page, you can click the Join [Townname] button to apply to join the town. You can only be a resident of 1 town at a time.

Step 4 Joined Town

You will receive a mail (type /mail to view your in-game mail) after a short while from the town's staff if they approve your join request.

Step 5 Getting Started in Towns

Now that you're in the town, you can talk to your town members with town-chat (/tc [message]), and teleport to your town instantly with /t spawn. Town staff can set you up with protected plots and give you an introduction to the town. Enjoy!

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