How To Join The FTB Server

There are 7 easy steps you need to complete in order to connect to the ImDeity Feed the Beast servers once you qualify to join.

Step 1 Download FTB Launcher

Download the FTB Launcher from here and start the downloaded file (seen below):

FTB Launcher Download

Step 2 Select/Create Profile

Click the dropdown box that says ‘Select Profile’ and click ‘Create Profile’. Use your Minecraft login information to set up your profile.


Step 3 Select ‘Horizons’

Select 'Horizons’ as the mod-pack you want to play.

Select MF2

Step 4 Select Version

Select the version you are going to use. Usually this is going to be the ‘Recommended’ version, but you will sometimes have to use an older version depending on whether the server has been updated or not.

Select Version

Step 5 Click Launch

Click Launch. The launcher will then download the mod-pack that you selected and then launch the game when it has completed. (it will only download once unless you change the version)

Click Launch

Step 6 Add Server

Click ‘Add server’. You can name the server whatever you want. In ‘Server Address’ you will need to put then you can click ‘Done’.

Add server 1

Add server 2

Step 7 Join Server

Select the server you just added and click ‘Join Server’. Then prepare for a new experience!

Join Server

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