"What?! You allowed him to come here? And you're only telling me when he's due to arrive at our docks in ten minutes time?!" ImDeity shouted at the top of his lungs, at his secretary. After the chaos caused by inviting his siblings ImSupreme, ImDivinity, and ImProdigy, ImDeity was not in the mood to have anymore of his family members visit him for some time. Now, his cousin, a fashion designer and also a male with diva tendencies, was coming to visit him. His cousin was even worse than his three siblings combined.

Deity was just about to yell at his secretary, when his throne room doors swung open. An eccentric-looking figure, with a rainbow afro, wearing clothes made of extremely bright colors and a fluffy neck scarf around his neck, strutted down the red carpet, like it was a catwalk and struck a pose. "Boom! I am fabulous!" ImDeity's servants just stared at him, not sure how to react. "People of ImDeity Kingdoms, prepare for a change because fabulousness has arrived! ImFabulous is here to change your plain lifestyles into fabulous ones!" He ended his grand entrance with a falsetto giggle. "Where is my fabulous, but not as fabulous as me, dear cousin, ImDeity?" ImDeity slumped down in his throne and covered his face, "Take me now, please."

Fabulous stretched out his hands at Deity with palms facing upwards. "Fabulous cousin, Deity! You look less than fabulous today! Why is that?"
"Oh, no reason!" Deity said rolling his eyes.
ImFabulous didn't hear him. Instead, he walked over to his cousin and pulled him out of his throne. "Get up, dear cousin. You're looking a little plump around the edges. Sitting on a big, uncomfortable chair is going to make you lose your fabulousness!" ImDeity grumbled but didn't resist.

As the two cousins were talking, FrauDummkopf came into the throne room. ImFabulous turned to look at FrauDummkopf and was struck speechless. Frau handed a document to Deity, who read it without a word. While ImDeity was in the middle of reading the document, ImFabulous finally spoke up.

"My, aren't you just fabulous, darling! Please, tell me your name. I beg you." ImFabulous said as he grabbed Frau's hand. "My name is FrauDummkopf," Frau said, not sure what to make of Deity's cousin. Fabulous placed his arm over Frau's shoulder. "Frau, darling, I want to make you fabulous!"
"I wasn't fabulous before?" Frau asked.
"I don't know about before, but after I'm done giving you a makeover, you will be the very definition of fabulous! Your picture will be in the dictionary under the word 'fabulous'."
ImDeity just placed his palm on his face and shook his head. "There he goes again," he grumbled.
Fabulous looked at Deity's throne. "Cousin Deity, why is your throne such a dull color? Add some color to it, please! Some red on the side, some blue in the middle, and finish it off with some white. Genius! Boom! I am fabulous!" ImFabulous accompanied his catchphrase, with his signature pose.
Fabulous placed his arm around Frau's shoulder, "Come, darling. We have much work to do. I want to make you a fashion model! I want to make you a star! Let's start being fabulous, people!"
ImFabulous walked off, with FrauDummkopf, while ImDeity had to be restrained by his guards to prevent him from beating up his cousin.

In a dressing room, ImFabulous opened his chest full of clothes and began measuring Frau with a tape. He tossed a lot of clothes at Frau, telling her to try them on, one by one. It took some tries, but eventually Frau wore something that ImFabulous could agree on. "This is perfect, darling, perfect! I knew I could do it," ImFabulous struck his signature pose. 2Boom! I am Fabulous!" he exclaimed.
FrauDummkopf stood next to Fabulous awkwardly, "Okay, what do I do now?"
Fabulous placed his hands on Frau's shoulders, "Now, darling, I make you a star. We will go places! We will be fabulous!"
"Whoa! Hold your horses. I'm not going anywhere. Look, ImFabulous, I appreciate your enthusiasm and admire your work, but I want to stay here, in the kingdoms. The fashion model life really isn't for me. I hope you can understand."
Surprisingly, ImFabulous remained cheerful, "It's alright, darling. I understand and respect your decision. Family and friends are important, no?"
"Um, yes. So what are you going to do now?"
"Well, darling, if you must know, I will be taking my work to lands not too far from here. I heard competition of fabulousness is very intense there."
"I wish you good luck in your future, then."
"Aw, thank you, darling." Fabulous said as he pulled Frau in for a big bear hug. "Urk, can't breathe!" Frau said as she struggled in ImFabulous' hug.

For the rest of the week, ImFabulous went around the kingdoms, making everything fabulous, or at least, fabulous in his eyes. Every time he made something fabulous, he would do his signature pose. "Boom! I am Fabulous!" he would say.

Finally, when it was time for ImFabulous to leave, a large crowd had gathered at the docks to say their goodbyes to ImFabulous. Everyone was smiling. Well, everyone except ImDeity. He wasn't even there because he wanted to, he only came because Gwenhywar forced him to say goodbye to his cousin. The ruler of the kingdoms was trying to hide himself in the crowd. Unfortunately, ImFabulous spotted him.
"Cousin Deity! It's been a pleasure staying with you! You have been very kind to me, and I simply cannot wait for my next visit!" Fabulous said as he hugged ImDeity.
ImDeity rolled his eyes. "Oh boy. I can't wait."
ImFabulous placed his hands on Deity's shoulders. "Cousin Deity, I kiss you on both cheeks. Muah! Muah!" Fabulous said as he kissed ImDeity on his cheeks. Deity tried his best to hide his face from his people.
ImFabulous then walked over to FrauDummkopf, "Darling, it's been pleasure working with you, even if it was just a short time. You could have been fabulous, but I understand your decision to stay and respect it."
Frau smiled, "Thanks, Fabulous! And it's been a pleasure working with you too."
ImFabulous broke into an uncontrollable sobbing, as he hugged FrauDummkopf, who could only smile. Deity, on the other hand, shook his head. "Oh, give me a break! What a drama queen," he muttered quietly.

Finally, ImFabulous waved at the Deitians, as they waved back at him. "Stay fabulous, people!" ImFabulous struck his signature pose one last time. "Boom! I am Fabulous!"

As the boat sailed away, Deity looked at FrauDummkopf, "You know, as annoying as that guy is, he's still my cousin. I miss that guy already."
Frau laughed. "That's ironic!"
Deity rubbed the back of his head, "Yeah. You know, Frau, now that think of it, red, blue and white does make my throne look rather 'fabulous'."

How to do the Fabulous Pose?

  1. Stand, with your legs shoulder-length apart, with your right foot on its toes. Your left foot is on the floor like normal.
  2. Your right knee points directly to your right.
  3. Point your right hand upwards and behind you.
  4. Keep your left arm slightly far from your torso and clench your left hand into a fist.
  5. Keep your head down and face the floor.
  6. Say loud and proud, "Boom! I am Fabulous!"
  7. Congratulations! You are now fabulous, darling!

    (Story by eriqmerc, thanks for writing!)

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