The Myth Of ImDemon

Gather, around young Deitians, now I say, gather around. I want to tell you the story about a demon that lurks in these lands. Some say he is a myth, some say he is a bedtime story told to young Deitians like yourselves to be weary of evil around every corner but I, oh…I knew better. There was once a ruler in these lands, ImTrinity his name was. Greatly generous but also greatly cruel. Suffered on a day to day basis, the people did. The economy went nowhere under his rule.

Then one day, a young, unknown Trinitian scientist, that’s what the ancestors of Deitians are called, named Eriq Merc wanted to improve the Kingdoms with science. His invention was, as he called it, the Divider. Place any old block through the hoop of the divider and two new blocks of the same type as the old one would appear, one with good, clean qualities and the other, with dirty qualities. By removing the dirty qualities, Eriq hoped the good blocks used to build the Kingdoms would stay perfect for generations to come. ImTrinity, being curious as he was well-known to be, decided to inspect the scientist’s contraption. I remember it like it was yesterday…

“Quite an interesting idea, Eriq.” ImTrinity said as he rubbed his chin.
“Thank…thank you, my lord.” Eriq replied as he bowed to the king.
“Now why don’t you go to the feast hall and take a drink. You earned it.”
Eriq bowed again and left, his stomach rumbling. Eriq turned around and said, “Oh my lord, one more thing about the machine, I am still doing research on it. I’m not certain of the effects it truly has. Whatever you do, don’t put your body through the hoop.”
Upon hearing the door close, Trinity chuckled. “With this new invention, the buildings in my kingdoms would greatly improve, the people would be richer.” Then, he chuckled evilly. “Excellent. Another reason to tax the people even more. How does this thing work again?”
Trinity panicked and quickly started reconnecting the wire into random sockets. “This one goes here, and err…this goes here. There, looks about right.” Trinity closed the reattached the compartment to the Divider.
Trinity, still being curious , continued touching the machine this time on its buttons. Nothing could be heard, though. “Hmm…that’s strange. Was that scientist Eriq playing a trick on me? I better throw him into the dungeon just to be sure and keep the machine to myself. Then, Trinity did what he was not supposed to. He reached out, through the hoop, in an attempt to see if the machine worked. At the moment, Eriq walked in, dropping his drink as he gasped at what he saw. He tried to pull Trinity away from the hoop but it was too late. An explosion shook throughout the room knocking the young scientist at a wall. When the dust settled, there were three beings now instead of two as before. Eriq crawled to one of the other two beings. “My lord, are you alright? Do you remember who you are? Quick, what is your name?” Eriq said shaking the being’s body. The other being replied weakly, “I…I am…ImDeity.”
An evil laugh sounded throughout the room. “Now, the people know will know true pain and suffering, in the name of ImDemon.”
“I will not let you! Get back in the machine or else!” Eriq screamed at the evil being with glowing red eyes.
“Tsk, tsk. Do you really have to shout like that? Let’s see if I can readjust your attitude.” Before anyone could do anything, ImDemon leaped forward and grabbed the scientist. Light flared from the scientist’s body and collapsed with smoke coming out of him.
“What an ugly sight.” ImDemon said looking at the machine. “Time to take out the trash.” He raised his hand and the machine was covered in fire in the blink of an eye. “No!” ImDeity said, finally having recovered all his strength, as he pushed ImDemon in a vain attempt. ImDemon staggered back, tripped over a window sill, screaming as he went. ImDeity walked cautiously as he approached the window. When he looked out the window, nothing could be seen. ImDemon’s body was not on the ground.
ImDeity rushed past the Divider, that was completely destroyed beyond use, to the scientist. “Eriq! Eriq! Are you alright? I need you to rebuild your machine!” ImDeity said as he shook the scientist.
“Huh…what? Why hello Mister orange elephant. Did you bring cupcakes for me today?” Eriq muttered, smilingly from ear to ear.
Deity’s eyes widened in horror. “No…”

They say, my young Deitians, that ImDemon still lurks within these lands, preparing for his eventual confrontation with ImDeity. Good king ImDeity, on the other hand, claimed power over the kingdoms and brought it to the prosperous lands we know today. Deity, no matter how he wanted to, could not use a spell to destroy ImDemon wherever he may be hiding. Doing so would cause Deity to be destroyed as well. The scientist, on the other hand, returned to his old self. He continued to build new inventions but unfortunately, the only thing he could not build was the Divider.

So be weary my young ones, for you must never travel into the wild alone. There are rumours of many who have gone missing. What…you say trinity is made up of three parts? There is a rumour, young one. A story for another night. Now, sleep well tonight and remember if you ever hear a knock on your door or window late at night when all is silent, don’t answer it. If you ever see pumpkins in the wild at night, run to the nearest town and whatever you do, don’t stop until you get there and never look back because if you do, you will see two red eyes and the sole thought…that your fate is sealed.

(Story by eriqmerc, thanks for writing!)

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