The 44th ImDeity Games

I stood on the glass platform looking at the large meadow, the sun was slightly blinding my sight. I looked around and saw 23 other tributes... The countdown had begun.

My heart was pounding, my fingers were trembling. There were 20 seconds left. I saw a knife in the middle of the cornucopia. I knew I would win, I was a career and I have been training for years in district 2.

I looked at Tybalt, as he was going to go for the knives I wanted. My plan was to kill him at the bloodbath. There were 5 seconds left... And the games had begun!

I ran to the knife kit as fast as possible. He was running towards me, 3 meters away. I quickly picked up the kit, took a knife out and threw it as fast as I could towards his throat. He fell down on the green grass. killed him. I started to run away from the cornucopia, grabbing a survival kit with me, I tripped and fell on the grass. The boy from district 3 had an iron axe with him. I started to get on my feet and ran towards the nearest tree beside the cornucopia.

I met Foxface up in the tree. She told me to not kill her, she had berries she wanted to give me in return. They were night lock berries. I knew she wanted to trick me in to eating them so she could get my knives and survival kit with her when I was dead. I had a plan. I started to put a berry into my mouth, though I didn't swallow it. I quickly took out the knife from my jacket, and in moments stabbed her in the back with my razor knife. I heard a loud scream, and instantly pushed her out of the tree, making her land in the bay. Her body sank to the bottom.

I knew I had one this first round, but there were more to come. My battle cry was loud and full of pride though. Unfortunately I bit the berry and it got dark around me...

(Story by _martusss_, 4th place in "The WikiTales Contest" 2013)

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