The ImDeity Horse Market

There is the ImDeity horse market where you can buy and sell horses. Use /horsemarket to get there. A few horses are shown in the stalls there, you can punch them to get info about them or test ride them. There are more horses that are sold on the /horse list. The list can be sorted by D(ei), J(ump), H(ealth) and S(peed).

To sell a horse type /horse sell [price]. The minimum selling price is 100 Dei. As a seller you pay a 10% fee once the horse is sold and get a 'your horse was sold' email. You can no longer buy your own horses from the market.

All Classes can have at least one horse in the market for sale at a time, however Merchants have access to more horse slots. Vendors can sell 2 horses & Financiers can sell 3 horses at a time.

To buy a horse you use /horse buy [ID]. The ID of the horse can be found on the /horse list. Once you've bought the horse with the command, it is yours. You can claim it on the spot you desire by /horse claim, however you have to be at a spot that allows mob spawning, preferably in an open area. Claiming a horse on a plot that doesn't allow mob spawning will lead to an error displayed in chat. You'll then be able to claim your horse again in a place that has mob spawning enabled.

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