Creative Group Plots

How to get one and general notes on them. This update mainly addresses some backend issues (you may or may not notice speed changes). Also, some new commands were added:

/cg claim

 /cg home

/cg add (name)

/cg remove (name)

/cg clear

/cg unclaim

You can claim a group plot by using /cg claim, or use /cg claim on your current plot to make it a group plot. You can use /cg add and /cg remove appropriately to add your friends to the plot (you must be standing in it)

Group plots will not affect your promotion status, however you must be promoted to higher ranks to claim larger group plots. You can still build on any group plot you are a member of, even if you are a lower level than the owner.

When flying over a group plot, the owner's name will be pink instead of blue.

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