Glowing eyes

Those who enter the realm of night, on the time of Halloween may experience the same thing every year- those amateur gatherings of scary stories, witches, zombies, those things that you think are out to get you. But the things that you don't know about, those mysterious golden glowing eyes in the corner of your vision that are there, but you never notice are what you should really be afraid of. The things you don't know. In the lands of the forgotten, (wilderness) an abandoned shack lies in a ruins, most of everything buried out of sight. In olden times, a group of people had built a wondrous kingdom, and their capital city, Cinec, had buildings as far as the eye could see. Everyone there was happy, and they all lived together peacefully. However, even though the gods of the lands had told them to build, they did not like that there was nothing to entertain them. No fighting, no starvation, only the peaceful death of one who has reached an old age. It was to happy for them. So, they decided to cause havoc in the grand city.

One of the gods traveled down from the sky. He fell near a well, where there was a child collecting water. He quietly asked the child for a drink of water, and when the boy was afraid of the man, he began to run, but dropped his bucket of water. The god was not pleased with this, so he took up the bucket and filled it with water from the well. He then poisoned the water, and threw the bucket back into the well. When the boy had thought the man gone, he left to retrieve his bucket. When he saw it was thrown into the well, he sighed and started climbing the rope down to get to it. He scooped up the bucket, and tied it to the rope, and climbed back to the top. After this, the boy was thirsty, so he took the bucket and took a big swallow of water, which he tried to spit out immediately. The water was blood-red the moment he took a drink, and he began to choke on it. Because there was no one around, the boy quietly died on the ground next to the well. When his parents came to look for him, they sobbed at the sight of their son lying on the ground covered in the blood-liquid.

The father of the boy tried to pick him up, but he twitched at his touch, and then opened his eyes. Completely gold and glowing, they were, and the boy sat up and stared at his parents. When his mother looked upon him, she saw a devil. When his father turned to look at him, he was so relieved that his son was alive he took a step forward and hugged him, only to be bitten and immediately be bled to death by his own son- who was now a vampire. The mother began to run in terror, of her son who was now staring at her with those hungry golden eyes. But, alas, she could not run fast enough, not now, not ever, and the vampire boy bit her as well. When both of his parents lay dead, the god descended yet again and looked over the little boy. "You have done well," he remarked, but the boy was so sad, he could do nothing to bring his parents back, and the god took pity on him. "Your father and mother shall come back to you, and they shall be your servants, my friend." he stated. When the boy looked at him with horror, the god walked to his parents on the ground. He looked at the father, first. "You care too much, but have no brains to see your child for what he truly is. I suppose it shall be like this forever." and the father rose again as a zombie. He looked down at the mother, who looked so fair in the moonlight to the god. "You saw him for what he truly is, and respected his power. But you cannot harness this power of the blood, but perhaps a lesser form of demonic magic." he said quietly, and the mother arose as a witch.

The trio, lead by the boy, and because he was not very old, began wandering the town. And because the townspeople were all friendly, they cared for them wandering if they were sick, so they came out of their houses and attempted to talk to them- only to be struck down by the father or the mother. And before even a portion of the town knew what had happened, half of the population had joined the raid of the glorious city as a zombie or witch, but the boy touched no one, for he did not want to feel the shame for what he had done. When they approached the castle, many people had come to the aid and protection of its walls, but because there was no violence, most only had makeshift wooden sticks as swords and maybe some hunting bows. When the army of undead approached the castle, the surviving townspeople stood no chance. So instead, the king demanded to see the leader of the undead as so that they might prepare a treaty. The boy, although still distraught, agreed to see the king, and brought his mother and father with him alone.

Upon entering the castle, and closing the gates, his parents were quickly shot down by the king's guards. The boy was so angry, he went into a mad frenzy and killed savaged the king. Despite the efforts of the people occupying the castle, the boy killed every last one of them, and those that rose again had risen as a small vampiric army, of which the boy led across the world, allowing rarely anyone to hold the curse of vampirism throughout the years, but sending zombies to raise havoc across the land. For the witches, the boy sent to the task of creating other monsters to help him get his revenge upon those who defied him. After creating spiders and other monstrosities, the witches began to fear the might of those around them, and fled to further reaches of the world to live alone. Eventually, the boy despised even himself, and spread his small army to the furthest reaches of the world, and wanted to seclude himself even further, and so prayed to the god that had made him the way he was.

The god, entertained by the havoc that the boy had caused over the years, decided to answer the boy's wished and granted him a domain to seclude himself in- which he called the End. The boy did not want to be disturbed, and bid that the god have a protector watch over him as he slept through the years, and thus the Ender Dragon was created. Alas, before the boy could enter into his sleep, he returned to his home in the grand city, which was now abandoned and overrun with zombies, and stared at his families poor little shack, in the middle of the ruins, untouched at his will.

Nowadays, the vampires stay hidden and secluded, those glowing eyes in the corner of your vision, or even in plain sight, to those who cannot see the truth...

(Story by Aquillla, 3rd place in the Halloween Wiki Tales contest 2013)

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