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There are several different forums, all with their own topics and own rules, you can find the rules posted at the top of each forum list, or by clicking the following links:
  1. Kingdoms General
  2. Towns/Kingdoms
  3. Events
  4. Trade
  5. Suggestions/Ideas
  6. Help/Support/Guides
  7. PvP General Discussion
  8. General Discussions
  9. Art of ImDeity: Kingdoms
  10. Ban Appeals

The Announcements and other forums might not have their own rules, the general rules do still apply. You can find them here.

Short Summary of General Forum Rules

Here is a short summary of the rules:
  1. No bumping/doubleposting (two following posts) within 24 hours. Be sure to merge your post with the edit button!
  2. Don't use any inappropriate language
  3. Be polite
  4. No religious, political or sexual conversations
  5. Use the correct subforums
  6. Use the search button

Definition of Spam

Spam - in the eyes of the forum staff - is anything that one of the following points apply to:
  1. Replies that show you didn't read the first post
  2. Replies that are unsupported, in case of suggestions
  3. Replies that are similar to these: "I like this." "I agree." "Hi."
  4. Replies that are more off-topic than on-topic.
  5. Threads that are double-made, use the search button if you are unsure.
  6. Threads that are unsupported, too short (one-liners) , or pure nonsense.

If a thread is considered spam, the following can happen:
  1. Locked: Cannot reply to the thread, but you can read it
  2. Deleted: Cannot reply to the thread, nor watch it.
  3. Moved: Your thread was moved to another forum - possibly a staff forum or an archive, which makes it unreadable for regular players.
  4. Edited: Your thread is edited, you can still read and reply to it.
  5. Warned: Your reply or thread has earned you a warning. If warning points are given out, you receive a 24 hour tempban for every point.
  6. Account permanently banned: Your account has been given a tempban, generally worth over 1000 points.
  7. Account removed: Your account has also been removed, to remove all of your post.

Every player can help the forum staff to keep the forum clean of troll posts, by reporting spam posts. Click here to learn how you can report posts/threads.

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