Editing your forum post

This is a guide made to show you when you need to edit a post, and how easy it is to do!

When to edit a forum post?

You need to edit your post when:
  • You doubleposted. That means that you posted twice in a short amount of time, without needing to. This is considered as spam.
  • You posted inappropriate content.
  • You want to change a sentence, correct grammar or anything else.
  • You are asked to.
  • You advertised. Not only other servers, this also includes towns/shops etcetera.
  • You broke one, or more, forum rule(s).
  • Etcetera...

There are many more reasons why you should edit a post. It all depends on the situation. Sometimes a player asks you to edit something, or even a staff member. This is mostly the case with Ban Appeals. Be sure to do it!

Please be so kind to edit your posts when needed. This saves the staff much time! If you find a post which need to be edited please report it. Look here to see how you can report a post.

How to edit a forum post?

Editing a forum post is fairly easy. You just have to click one button!

I will show you an example of a doublepost situation.

In the above two pictures you can see that the player posted twice in 11 minutes. This is considered spam and a case to get your post count up! Now you can easily clear the mess up yourself!

Here is a 6-step Guide!
  1. Click on the edit button (highlighted with a red square) of the second post.
  2. Copy the text with CTRL+C.
  3. Go to the edit button of your first post and click on it.
  4. Paste your text from the second post into it, with CTRL+V, and click save.
  5. Delete the second post.
  6. Be sure to be more careful the next time!

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